New York State Senator Uses " Alternative Facts " to Promote Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes
A New York State senator - Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) - hasintroduced legislation to ban the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes in New York. To promote this ban, he argued that cigarette companies are seducing kids to vape by selling fruit punch, gummy bear, and cotton candy e-cigarettes: " Kids are attracted to the numerous flavors that the cigarette companies are selling, such as fruit punch, gummy bear, cotton candy. "The Rest of the StorySenator Hoylman's position is based on " alternative facts, " or what prior to 2016 would have more simply been called a " lie. "Not a single one of t...
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Ottolenghi ’s Roasted Chicken with Clementines and Arak
One of these days, I’m going to visit Israel, if only to taste in situ the foods that inspire Ottolenghi, whose Jerusalem cookbook has become one of the most used cooking tomes in our household. The hummus recipe alone is worth purchasing his book. This recipe combines orange and anise flavors with a delightful roasted chicken. Don’t let the use of Arak, a licorice flavored liquor – worry you. The anise flavor is subtle, despite the use of both fennel and fennel seeds – and perfectly balanced by the clementines. We served it with brown basmati rice and carrots, and I us...
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Lying for Money: Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Solicitation is Fundamentally Dishonest
This Monday, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids sent out a solicitation for donations that stated:" The tobacco industry spends $9.1 billion a year on marketing in the U.S. alone. That's over $1 million every hour! And much of it is aimed at kids. The industry needs kids as " replacements " for the nearly half a million Americans killed by smoking each year, and for those who quit.They know that 90% of smokers start as teens or earlier. That's why their marketing is geared toward youth. But they're not just selling your dad's cigarettes or your grandpa's cigars anymore. The industry is introducing new produc...
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Unity Farm Journal - First Week of October 2016
What a year at Unity Farm: a plague of winter moth, a spring gypsy caterpillar infestation, deep drought, and maybe Hurricane Matthew, which is heading up the coast, might affect our foliage color and branch-falling.  Life on a farm is never boring.Every October we press cider using the apples that were most successful that season. This year our mixture is 40% McIntosh, 40% Cortland, and 20% Macoun.  Last weekend we hand pressed 250 pounds and created a cider with a ph of 3.3 and a specific gravity of 1.054 which will yield a finished alcohol by volume of 6-7%.  Although the drought created gr...
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From Failure to Enthusiasm
Guest PostBy Andy"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." —Winston ChurchillOne of the reasons I love this quote, is because for many of us, being able to keep our enthusiasm up in the midst of trying times can be very difficult to achieve. But once you figure out how to never lose it, no matter how hard life can get, it will mark the difference between giving up and succeeding. I love this quote and remind myself every time that sobriety success is shaped by my attitude. In this post I’m going to take you through my personal sobriety journey.The Addict/AlcoholicWhen I ...
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Study on Potential Toxicity of E-Cigarette Flavorings Produces Unwarranted Scare
A study published in the journal Tobacco Control this past April has produced an unwarranted scare about the potential toxicity of the flavorings in electronic cigarettes.(See: Tierney PA, et al. Flavour chemicals in electronic cigarette fluids. Tobacco Control. Published online ahead of print on April 15, 2015. DOI: 0.1136/tobaccocontrol-2014-052175.)The study used gas chromatography/mass spectrometry to analyze the chemical constituents in e-liquids of various flavors. It appears that 30 different e-liquid flavors were tested. Multiple flavors of two brands of disposable e-cigarettes (Blu and NJOY) were tested along with...
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Pizzelle Fail?
They weren’t brown enough, or thin enough, or crisp enough. But the anise oil (not extract) gave them a flavor that was magnificent, and aside from the color, they were pretty enough. But they weren’t all consumed at the party last night, so what was I to do with 16 leftover too-light, too-thick, too-soft pizzelles? Pair them up, slather on a thick layer of Nutella™, refrigerate for a while, then cut into quarters. Yum. (Source: Musings of a Dinosaur)
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Whole issues of Genome Biology/Genome Medicine on "Genomics of Infectious Disease"
Wow this has really got some nice papers: BioMed Central | Article collections | Genomics of infectious diseases special issue.  I note - this goes well as a follow up to the series I co-coordinated in PLOS a few years back: Genomics of Emerging Infectious Disease - PLOS CollectionsFrom their site:Infectious diseases are major contributors to global morbidity and mortality, and have a devastating impact on public health. The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 3 deaths worldwide are due to an infectious disease, with a disproportionate number occurring in developing regions. While the completi...
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A Fourth of July Recipe: Pork Tenderloin and Sour Onion Salsa
In keeping with tradition around here, I wanted to put up a recipe for the holiday. It's pretty hot out there for standing next to a grill (but I'll be doing that later today anyway!) Here's one that gets made around here at Pipeline Headquarters fairly often. It's not something that can be whipped up quickly (it needs some marinating time), but maybe for the coming weekend. The pork tenderloin recipe is similar to many others floating around, and can be added to and adapted as needed. The onion salsa is adapted from a Steve Raichlen recipe in The Barbecue Bible, a book I've had a very high success rate with. Grilled Pork...
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Can Diet Fiber Reverse Polyps?
Eight years ago, in the ER, I was diagnosed with IBS. Adding more fiber, fresh enzymes, and vitamins to my daily meals has helped me to live a few more days on this planet. Additionally, ginger, anise seed, and caraway have help me to go regularly.Contributor: Miau MoPublished: Apr 17, 2013 (Source: Most Recent Health Wellness - Associated Content)
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