Kidney donation runs in the family
Who’s who? Hover over the icons to find out. In addition to being relatives, Susie Percy, her brother Paul Bears, Jr., her father Paul Bears, Sr. and his brother-in-law Bill Cashell all have one thing in common — they each have one kidney. “Kidney donation is a family affair,” says Susie. Thirty-four years ago, Bill Cashell gave a kidney to his son Sean, who was born with a rare genetic condition called Alport syndrome. Eleven years later, when Sean needed a new kidney, his Uncle Paul, Sr. stepped forward. And nine years after that, when Sean was experiencing rejection, Paul Jr. offered to donate to his cousin...
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Transplanting Sibling Love For his entire life, radio host James Rabe has known that one day he’d need a new kidney. A disease called Alport Syndrome slowly caused his kidneys to fail. As his condition advanced, the search for a new organ began. His big sister stepped up and gave part of herself so her little brother [...] (Source: News from Mayo Clinic)
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What Causes Proteinuria?
Discussion Proteinuria occurs relatively often in pediatric practice with 5-15% of school children having transient proteinuria, the most common cause. However, proteinuria can be a sign of kidney disease. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the proteinuria in light of the clinical situation. A good history and physical examination along with a full urinalysis and/or BUN and creatinine, or urine protein/creatinine ratio may be all that is necessary. Another patient with edema, hypertension or hematuria needs a fuller evaluation and treatment. Proteinuria is usually categorized into three groups to assist with evaluation...
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