Internal review backs Business Insider reporting of Oxman plagiarism claims
Owner Axel Springer says it ‘stands by’ publication amid dispute with academic and her husband Bill Ackman#axelspringer #billackman (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Explosion of violence in Ecuador shuts down science
Quito --The explosion of criminal activity that shocked Ecuador this week, including car bombings, shootings, arson, and prison riots, has also shaken the country’s researchers and academics. Universities, as well as schools, government offices, and stores, were suddenly shut down on Tuesday, and scientists had to work from home, cancel fieldwork, and contemplate new security protocols. The events unfolded a day after Ecuador’s newly elected president, Daniel Noboa, declared a nationwide state of emergency when the leader of one of the country’s most powerful drug cartels escaped from prison. Much of the v...
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Media experts cry foul over AI's free lunch of copyrighted content
Tech companies should compensate news publishers for training AI models on their copyrighted content, media experts told senators in a hearing this week. The US Senate Committee on the Judiciary quizzed leaders from media trade associations and academia on how generative AI affects the journalism…#ussenatecommittee #google #openai #netizens #rogerlynch #condénast #daniellecoffey #newsmediaalliance #microsoftbing #jeffjarvis (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Hit Pieces, Fairness, Drugs & VR
This week, we dig into the latest front into the so-called hit piece. Last week, Business Insider published a pair of stories that dug into the academic record of Neri Oxman, a former MIT professor. Oxman happens to be the wife of Bill Ackman, a powerful activist investor who has been on a…#nerioxman #mit #billackman #harvard #claudinegay #elonmusk #starlink #applevisionpro #troyyoung #brianmorrissey (Source: Reuters: Health)
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ICYMI: UCLA to transform empty Westside Pavilion mall into UCLA Research Park
Chancellor Block, California Gov. Gavin Newsom and UC President Michael Drake announce the UCLA Research Park. Just a week ago, UCLA announced it had  acquired the former Westside Pavilion and will transform the empty shopping mall into the UCLA Research Park — an engine of scientific, technological, creative and economic growth for Southern California and beyond.Read the Newsroom story and view photos of the site.Plans for the massive research park were unveiled at a Jan. 3 press conference with Chancellor Gene Block, California Gov. Gavin Newsrom, UC President Michael Drake, representatives from Google, private donor...
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Study: Sickle cell disorder patients less likely to get full COVID-19 vaccine dosage
The recent findings by the University of Michigan ' s academic medical center suggests adults with sickle cell disease are half as likely to have received an initial COVID-19 vaccine dose as people without sickle cell. (Source: Health News -
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When ‘Contemporary Issues’ and Campus Politics Collide
Claudine Gay’s testimony before Congress on antisemitism and her academic record drew scrutiny and became the latest high-profile flare-up on American campuses. Colleges across the United States have been roiled by controversy. Anemona Hartocollis, a reporter on the higher education beat,…#claudinegays #anemonahartocollis #claudinegay #harvarduniversity #harvard #firstblack #hamas #israel #cambridge #mass (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Bill Ackman opened a wormhole of plagiarism allegations at Harvard
Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman led the charge to push out Harvard’s president Claudine Gay amid charges of plagiarism. But now the recriminations have boomeranged back on him, with reports that his academic wife may have committed plagiarism in her dissertation. The reports in Business…#billackman #harvard #claudinegay #axelspringerse #propalestinian #hamas #israelis #gay #nerioxman #wikipedia (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Deliciously Ella founder tackles her ‘biggest risk:’ expanding her British vegan food empire into the U.S
Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Plagiarism accusations ensnare more leaders in academia, car-tracking technology can be dangerous in the hands of abusers, and a British food entrepreneur expands to the U.S. Have a productive Monday! - New market. In the U.K., Deliciously Ella is a well-known…#broadsheet #deliciouslyella #boots #ellamills #thrivemarket #matthewmills #mills #millses #fortune #fortunecom (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Robert Kiyosaki Backs Bill Ackman ’s AI Project for Academic Integrity
Renowned author and financial expert Robert Kiyosaki, best known for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has recently endorsed the proposal of billionaire investor Bill Ackman. Ackman, who founded the hedge fund Pershing Square Capital, suggested an AI-driven project to ensure academic integrity among…#robertkiyosaki #richdadpoordad #billackman #kiyosaki #education #robertkiyosakis #richdad (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Irish research finds banning phones during work hours may be counterproductive
University of Galway academic Prof Eoin Whelan’s research found that outright bans on phones negatively impacted work-life balance and wellbeing. Conventional wisdom suggests that using a smartphone in a work or academic setting can be distracting and counterproductive. However, a new study has…#universityofgalway #profeoinwhelans #australian #irish #profeoinwhelan #universityofgalways #whelan #dailybrief #siliconrepublics #scitech (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Inside the Nuclear Fusion Facility That Changed the World
Shortly after 1 a.m. on the morning of Dec. 5, 2022, Dave Schlossberg, an experimental physicist at National Ignition Facility (NIF), was woken by a phone call. A fusion experiment using NIF’s massive lasers was scheduled to go off that night. Going to bed a few hours earlier, he had told Alex Zylstra, one of the physicists on his team, to call him “if anything interesting happens.” Now Zylstra was seeing data unlike anything the facility had registered before. They seemed to show that the scientists had achieved a monumental step in a decades-long quest to replicate the energy source that powers the sun....
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Ocular emergencies during the coronavirus disease 'safer at home order' in Wisconsin - Maganti N, Huang L, Banghart M, Channa R, Chang JS, van Landingham SW.
INTRODUCTION: The coronavirus pandemic created large shifts in utilization of hospital resources, patient presentations, and delivery of medical care. OBJECTIVES: This retrospective study evaluated the ocular emergencies at a tertiary-care academic... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Musculoskeletal injury or Sports-Related Concussion (SRC) in a season of rugby union does not affect performance on concussion battery testing in university-aged student-athletes - Glendon K, Pain MTG, Hogervorst E, Belli A, Blenkinsop G.
BACKGROUND: Sub-concussive and concussive impacts sustained during contact sports such as rugby may affect neurocognitive performance, vestibular-ocular-motor function, symptom burden and academic ability. METHOD: Student-athletes (n  = 146) partici... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Could ChatGPT pass the U.K. ’s radiology fellowship exam?
ChatGPT might be able to pass the current benchmark exam for qualification as a radiologist in the U.K., according to a group of musculoskeletal radiologists in Birmingham. The group evaluated ChatGPT’s performance on a two-part test based on a bank of questions resembling the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR) exam. The large language model narrowly failed on part one true/false questions yet clearly passed part two single-best answer questions, noted lead author Sisith Ariyaratne, MD, of the Royal Orthopedic Hospital. “GPT-4 performed at a reasonably high standard on the questions posed to it, w...
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