Meet the Doctor Big Pharma Can't Shut Up
For the last 33 years, David Healy, an Irish psychiatrist and professor at Cardiff University School of Medicine in Wales, has written heavily researched university press books and academic journal articles on various aspects of psychopharmaceuticals. His output includes 20 books, 150 peer-reviewed papers and 200 other published works. He is not only well-pedigreed, with degrees and fellowships from Dublin, Galway and Cambridge medical schools, he is a widely recognized expert in both the history and the science of neurochemistry and psychopharmacology.Yet Healy says his output and reputation have ...
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branscannr on drugs
Which is better: the generic or the name brand? Now drug companies have a tool to test out the moods induced by the name of their latest drug.brainscannrfree brain scans for everyone! Over thirty million served! 1Let's start with some benzodiazepines!brainscannr resultsThis is your true brain, the emotions that run your life!Uh oh, not so great for lorazepam. How about for the name brand, Ativan?There. Don't you feel more relaxed now?Moving right along to some atypical antipsychotics. Let's start with olanzapine.Hmm, no psychiatrist wants to see a strip of skulls down their patient's postcentral gyrus. Not to mention a fro...
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Kaiser Health Network
This article was produced by Kaiser Health News with support from The SCAN Foundation. (Source: PharmaGossip)
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Medications that Increase the Risks of Patient Falls
Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for adults 65 and older. Alzheimer's Reading Room “Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for adults 65 and older, and research suggests that those taking four or more medications are at an even greater risk than those who don’t – perhaps two to three times greater,” said Susan Blalock, Ph.D., an associate professor at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. In 2007, more than 21,700 Americans died as a result of falls and more than 7.9 million were injured by a fall including over 1.8 million older adults who had a fall-rela...
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Pharmalot… Pharmalittle… Good Morning
Rise and shine. Another busy day is on the way. And a hectic one it is this morning here on the Pharmalot corporate campus, where we are, once again, hustling short people to schoolhouses and encouraging the official mascosts to fertilize the weeds as quickly as possible. As always, there is no time to waste. So please join us for a cup of stimulation and a smattering of interesting items to get going. Hope your day goes well and drop us a line if you hear anything interesting… Pfizer To Shuffle Units Prompting Break-Up Speculation (Bloomberg News) Pharma Bets On New Blockbusters In 2013 (Reuters) Pfizer Considers Bu...
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