Awake fiberoptic intubation in a patient with a large thyroid tumor invading the trachea: a case report

We report a case of a patient with a large thyroid tumor invading the trachea, causing trachea narrowing and resulting in breathing difficulties, who required awake tracheal intubation (ATI). A 54-year-old woman underwent surgery for the removal of a thyroid tumor under general anesthesia. The tumor was invading and compressing the trachea, causing difficulty in breathing. To facilitate surgery, thyrocricocentesis and nerve block were considered, but they were difficult to implement. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is expensive and has risks of several complications, such as failure of the oxygenation membrane, rupture of the circuit, coagulation of the system, intracranial hemorrhage, acute kidney injury, and infections. The placement of a tracheal stent may worsen airway problems. In this case, the airway was established without ECMO or tracheal stent placement. Local anesthesia of the airway could be an alternative to avoid expensive options and complications, as successful ATI would reduce healthcare costs.PMID:35559388 | PMC:PMC9091096
Source: American Journal of Translational Research - Category: Research Authors: Source Type: research