Thinking catastrophic thoughts: a traumatized sensibility on a hotter planet

Am J Psychoanal. 2022 Feb 14. doi: 10.1057/s11231-022-09340-3. Online ahead of print.ABSTRACTWhile catastrophizing has traditionally been pathologized within psychoanalytic traditions, in this paper I suggest that cataclysmic realities of climate change call upon all of us to cultivate catastrophic thinking. Our new climatic normal demands of us not only new concepts and language, but also a new sort of thinking, building on Wilfred Bion's ideas that to think is to use our mind's capacity to be in touch with internal and external realities. I suggest that sometimes people are able to learn from their experiences of trauma in ways that disrupt the culturally dominant anenvironmental orientation, that is, an orientation that brackets out the more-than-human environment. Instead, they develop a capacity to think catastrophically about and to be permeable to the more-than-human environment. What I call their "traumatized sensibility" can offer guidance as we come to co-exist with and respond more consciously to our hotter planet.PMID:35165366 | DOI:10.1057/s11231-022-09340-3
Source: American Journal of Psychoanalysis - Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Authors: Source Type: research