A network pharmacology approach to predict potential targets and mechanisms of " < em > Ramulus Cinnamomi (cassiae) - Paeonia lactiflora < /em > " herb pair in the treatment of chronic pain with comorbid anxiety and depression

CONCLUSIONS: This study preliminarily predicted and verified the pharmacological and molecular mechanisms of "Gui Zhi-Shao Yao" herb pair for treating CP with comorbid AD and MD from a holistic perspective. In vivo and in vitro experiments will be required to further investigate the mechanisms.KEY MESSAGEA network pharmacology approach was applied to identify key targets and molecular mechanisms.Nine targets were regarded as the vital targets for chronic pain with comorbid anxiety and depression.Predicted 11 pathways were the potential therapy targets and pharmacological mechanism of "Gui Zhi-Shao Yao" herb pair.PMID:35098831 | DOI:10.1080/07853890.2022.2031268
Source: Annals of Medicine - Category: Internal Medicine Authors: Source Type: research