Difficult Conversations About Racism

This article differs from other important work like the 2016 NEJM article Paul-Emelie, Smith, Lo and Fern ández, "Dealing with Racist Patients." Most articles focus on what to do about the care of the patient now and in the future if they ask to be reassigned. That is important to consider as well, but what I appreciate about McKillip and Moss ' work is that it focuses on the team, and the role we all must have in working towards a more caring and supportive community at work.COI: Peer-to-peer mentorship - Mckillip, Bazelak*Friday Chalk Talk is a great weekly resource. I need to write about that too!For morePallimed posts about race and healthcare.For morePallimed posts about ethics.For morePallimed posts by Dr. Sinclair click here.Christian Sinclair, MD, FAAHPM is palliative care physician working in outpatient clincs at the University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City, KS. He currently is inspired to learn more about low-car transportation planning in cities like Berlin.
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