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My post yesterday on the lunkhead senator from Wisconsin inspired some thoughts about Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and the disease it causes, called Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS. The syndrome got its name before the viral cause was discovered, which is why it's called a syndrome, the word for a collection of symptoms when the cause is unknown or unspecified. It might be better to call the disease simply HIV disease, as it can have symptoms other than immunodeficiency, and many people nowadays do just that. I spent much of my career in public health, and then in academic research, focusing on HIV.  When I first started working in public health, the virus had been discovered, but there was no effective treatment. We did know how it was transmitted, however, which meant there were public measures we could take to prevent it. A major problem, however, was that most transmission in the U.S. was happening among people who endured moral condemnation -- gay men and injection drug users. These weren't, and aren't, the only people at risk but that's where the disease was first recognized. This meant that the Republican president, a dimwitted B movie actor named Ronald Reagan, didn't care about it. In fact for years he never even mentioned it. His successor George Bush I didn't care about it either. A lot of people died because of neglect, but also because of active political opposition to effective public health measures. Remind you of anything?I am contin...
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So-called primary yolk sac tumors of the vulva are very rare and often have an aggressive disease course. Their molecular features have not been previously characterized. There is also a well-documented group of SMARCB1 (INI-1)-deficient vulvar neoplasms, which includes proximal-type epithelioid sarcoma and myoepithelial carcinoma. Until now, “vulvar yolk sac tumors” and SMARCB1-deficient neoplasms were considered unrelated diseases. After reviewing an index case of a vulvar yolk sac tumor with loss of SMARCB1 by immunohistochemistry, we retrospectively identified 2 additional cases diagnosed as vulvar yolk sac...
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Hong Kong police have arrested two former flight attendants for allegedly leaving their homes when they should have been in isolation for possible coronavirus infections, which were later confirmed
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Conclusion: The prevalence of suspected IPT-linked ADRs is high, and hepatotoxicity is the most commonly reported serious suspected ADR. Patients self-reported more suspected ADRs than those documented in clinical files by health care workers. Patient engagement could improve ADR detection and potentially strengthen the pharmacovigilance system. Patients with a high risk of ADR ought to be monitored regularly to enable early detection and management.
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An Israeli hospital says preliminary research indicates a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine provides only limited defense against the omicron variant that's raging around the world
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But here's how some Australians have hijacked the hashtag in response.
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We report 8 cases of MG exacerbation or myasthenic crisis associated with COVID-19 and discuss prognosis and treatment based on a literature review.ResultsMost patients were female (7/8), with an average age of 47.1  years. Treatment was immunoglobulin (IVIG) in 3 patients, plasma exchange (PLEX) in 2 patients, and adjustment of baseline drugs in 3. In-hospital mortality was 25% and 37.5% in 2-month follow-up.DiscussionThis is the largest case series of MG exacerbation or myasthenic crisis due to COVID-19 to this date. Mortality was considerably higher than in myasthenic crisis of other etiologies. Previous treatment ...
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We described how the flow of neurological emergencies was affected by the pandemic impact.MethodsWe analyzed accesses to the Emergency Department (ED) of the “Maggiore della Carità” Hospital, Piedmont, Italy, during a period of 8 months (COVID time; March to May 2020 and October 2020 to February 2021) and analyzed the admissions to the Neurology Unit and the underlying diagnosis. We also evaluated potential changes in the treatment of acute ischemi c stroke in the same period. These variables were compared with two equivalent periods of time (2019–2020; 2018–2019).ResultsDuring the COVID...
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French officials say a new law requiring COVID vaccination for anyone entering sports venues will apply to athletes, without exceptions. #frenchopen #sportsvenues #djokovic
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SELF-ISOLATION has been reduced once again for Brits who test positive for COVID-19. The latest decision to relax isolation rules comes as Covid cases continue to soar. spoke to the experts to find out what it could mean for the future of the pandemic.
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COVID-19 cases may be starting to fall in the UK, but scientists have warned the Omicron peak may not have passed just yet.
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