Can you use VR+E to pay for post bac coursework?

Hi everyone, I'm currently active duty and working on a plan to go to medical school after I get out. My ETS is May 2023. As of now, I'm not sure if I will stay in or not; if I do, I'd be in for another 4 years doing a software development program. I only recently learned about VR&E and I'm not sure if I will even qualify but I hope so. I don't know what my disability rating will be. I have a bad knee, sleep problems, and possible mild PTSD from a sexual assault on deployment but it's not... Read more
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Blackrock Neurotech, a medical technology company based in Salt Lake City, created a suite of brain-computer interface systems with the goal of empowering patients to have increased independence and quality of life. This latest technology aims to res...
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CONCLUSION The results provide strong evidence for reliability and validity of PROMIS-29 domain scores among adult burn survivors. Reliability of the extreme scores could be increased and the ceiling effects reduced by administering PROMIS-43, which includes six items per domain, or by administering by computerized adaptive testing. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE Diagnostic Test or Criteria, level III.
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Conclusions This study suggested that the general public who experienced PSIs have numerous difficulties at the time of the incident and the trauma or the resentment of the general public does not quickly regress even if time passes.
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CONCLUSIONS: Recovery from PTSD is possible during military service, but it is less likely in individuals with certain negative prognostic factors, most notably severe depression.PMID:34791409 | DOI:10.1093/milmed/usab454
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It was almost exactly a year ago when we first wrote about the rise of telemedicine amidst COVID-19. Similarly, it was almost a year ago we first brought up the issue of PTSD of medical personnel due to the virus. We did not expect the two to intertwine. At one point over the past twelve months, we all noticed an extreme level of tiredness after a full workday spent in front of a computer. But it wasn’t tiredness: it was fatigue. While tiredness can be easily cured with rest and sleep, fatigue is a whole different issue. It may lead to chronic diseases, burnout and ill mental and physical health, and its cure requ...
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CONCLUSION: These results identify clinical features of veterans and service members with mTBI(s) who are at highest risk for pain-related disability. These findings also demonstrate the need to consider mental health and sleep problems in their pain evaluation and treatment approach. PMID: 33007066 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Conclusion Researchers are still exploring potential links between PTSD and learning disabilities, but further studies will likely expand on what we know. Understanding how PTSD affects our ability to learn will help treat people with both conditions and lead to better outcomes for these patients.
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While working at a mental health clinic in Harlem years ago, I got used to hearing the most traumatic stories I could have ever imagined. They were the normal way to live for many of my clients. One day a woman in her 40s, who lived in a drug den and had gone through a frightful marriage before her husband was imprisoned, asked me how she could know if her son was traumatized. As a then-inexperienced clinician, I took out the last version of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) off my shelf the same way a cowboy would take out his pistol from his belt, ready to shoot off a diagnosis. Diagnostic ...
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ConclusionNotwithstanding some phenotypic similarities, persistent post-traumatic headache after traumatic brain injury, is considered a separate phenomenon from migraine but available data is inconclusive. High-quality studies are further required to investigate the pathophysiological mechanisms of this secondary headache, in order to identify new targets for treatment and to prevent disability.
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CONCLUSION: In veterans with chronic pain, PTSD symptomology has a large effect for many negative health-related outcomes. This review supports the need for clinicians to screen and understand the effects of PTSD symptoms on patients with pain. Clinicians should recognize that veterans with PTSD and pain likely have elevated pain catastrophizing beliefs and decreased self-efficacy that should be targeted for intervention. PMID: 32248229 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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