Robot assisted laser-interstitial thermal therapy with iSYS1 and Visualase: how I do it

ConclusionsiSYS1 represents a significant adjunct to LITT procedures and may be safely implemented in routine laser-catheter positioning.
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e Sharifi Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), microRNAs (miRNAs), and circular RNAs (circRNAs) are non-coding transcripts which are involved in the pathogenesis of pituitary gland tumors. LncRNAs that participate in the pathogenesis of pituitary gland tumors mainly serve as sponges for miRNAs. CLRN1-AS1/miR-217, XIST/miR-424-5p, H19/miR-93a, LINC00473/miR-502-3p, SNHG7/miR-449a, MEG8/miR-454-3p, MEG3/miR-23b-3p, MEG3/miR-376B-3P, SNHG6/miR-944, PCAT6/miR-139-3p, lncRNA-m433s1/miR-433, TUG1/miR-187-3p, SNHG1/miR-187-3p, SNHG1/miR-302, SNHG1/miR-372, SNHG1/miR-373, and SNHG1/miR-520 are identified lncRNA/miRNA pairs that are...
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CONCLUSIONS Our comprehensive study indicated that OSRGs were valuable for prognosis prediction in glioma, which provides a novel insight into the relationship between oxidative stress and glioma and a potential therapeutic strategy for glioma patients.PMID:34836934 | DOI:10.12659/MSM.934161
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The objective of the present study was to measure microRNA-3148 (miR-3148) expression and investigate its impact on the pathogenetic mechanism of glioma. In the present study, reverse transcription-quantitative real-time PCR was employed to detect miR-3148 expression levels in glioma tissues and cell lines. Cell Counting Kit-8 assay, 5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine assay, and Transwell migration assay were performed to assess the influence of miR-3148 on the malignant biological behavior of glioma cells. The biological functions of miR-3148 in glioma were examined via a xenograft tumor growth assay. Furthermore, the association ...
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ConclusionsTechniques promoting individualised care increased perceived support, despite poor patient-physician communication and complexity of the healthcare system. Extracted data across 14 included studies informed a set of guidelines and a four-step framework. These can help evaluate and reform healthcare services to better accommodate the supportive needs of this patient group.
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Gliomas are the most common type of the malignant brain tumor, which arise from glial cells. They make up about 40% of all primary brain tumors and around 70% of all primary malignant brain tumors. They can occur anywhere in the central nervous system (CNS) and have a poor prognosis. The average survival of glioma patients is approximately 6–15 months with poor aspects of life. In this edge, identification of proteins secreted by cancer cells is of special interest because it may provide a better understanding of tumor progression and provide early diagnosis of the diseases. Extracellular vesicles (EVs) were isolated...
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Cancers, Vol. 13, Pages 5945: Radiotherapy in Medulloblastoma—Evolution of Treatment, Current Concepts and Future Perspectives Cancers doi: 10.3390/cancers13235945 Authors: Clemens Seidel Sina Heider Peter Hau Annegret Glasow Stefan Dietzsch Rolf-Dieter Kortmann Medulloblastoma is the most frequent malignant brain tumor in children. During the last decades, the therapeutic landscape has changed significantly with craniospinal irradiation as the backbone of treatment. Survival times have increased and treatments were stratified according to clinical and later molecular risk factors. In this review, c...
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We report the associations between histological findings, IHC, and genetic status. We performed IHC of IDH1-R132H, ATRX, and p53 in 76 lower-grade gliomas and discussed its validity based on the 2016 WHO and the upcoming 2021 WHO classification. The sensitivity and specificity of anti-ATRX, p53, and IDH1-R132H IHC were 40.9%/98.1%, 78.6%/85.4%, and 90.5%/84.6%, respectively. Among 21IDH1-mutant gliomas without 1p/19q codeletion, two gliomas (9.5%) mimicked the so-called classic for oligodendroglioma (CFO) in their morphology. Of the 42 gliomas with 1p/19q codeletion, four cases were difficult to diagnose as oligodendroglio...
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Oncol Lett. 2022 Jan;23(1):5. doi: 10.3892/ol.2021.13123. Epub 2021 Nov 5.ABSTRACTGlioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common type of primary brain tumor in adults. GBM is characterized by a high degree of malignancy and aggressiveness, as well as high morbidity and mortality rates. GBM is currently treatable via surgical resection, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but the prognosis of patients with GBM is poor. The suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS) protein family comprises eight members, including SOCS1-SOCS7 and cytokine-inducible SH2-containing protein. SOCS proteins regulate the biogenesis of GBM via the JAK/S...
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This study aims to determine the pathological influence of PLCγ1 in glioblastoma, through a translational study which combines in silico data, data from glioblastoma patients' samples and data on engineered cell lines. We found out that PLCγ1 gene expression correlates with the pathological grade of gliomas, and it is higher in fifty patients' glioblastoma tissue samples compared to twenty healthy controls. Moreover, it was demonstrated that PLCγ1 silencing in U87-MG leads to a reduction in cell migration and invasion abilities. The opposite trend was observed following PLCγ1 overexpression, suggest...
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A combination of two targeted cancer drugs showed unprecedented, "clinically meaningful" activity in patients with highly malignant brain tumors that carried a rare genetic mutation, according to a clinical trial report by investigators from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The drug combination, which blocked an overactive cell-growth signaling pathway, shrank tumors by 50% or more in one-third of 45 patients with hard-to-treat high-grade gliomas, including glioblastomas, the most aggressive brain tumor.
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