I'm very excited about the Apple Watch. I can see endless possibilities for its applicability towards moving health forward.  As a busy clinician, being able to quickly and discreetly glance at my wrist for a notification (phone call, text or email) from a patient, other physician or my office staff without have to pull my entire phone out of my pocket will enable me to spend more time focused on the patient in front of me and less time looking at my phone.  As a health and fitness tool, I see the watch being able to help my patients move more and eat better. Already there are applications designed to track general daily activity, specific exercise tracking, and even app's to help with cooking and food intake tracking.  In combination with the newly announced Reseach Kit platform, medical researchers will be able to use data from the Apple Watch and the iPhone in new and imaginative ways.  However, I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just as none of us could have envisioned the iPhone to become ubiquitous in our society (2 year olds and 90 years old use them just as easily) so too will devices like the Apple Watch become a part of us. Given a platform like the Watch, the real breakthroughs will come from the engineers at Apple continuing to push the device forward and from the app developers imagining new and innovative ways to use the device. 
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