Translating clinical and patient-reported data to tailored shared decision reports with predictive analytics for knee and hip arthritis

ConclusionsInformatics solutions can generate timely, tailored office reports including PROs and predictive analytics. Patients successfully complete the pre-visit PRO assessments and clinicians and patients value the report to support shared surgical decisions.
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This holiday season, we are all in search of the perfect gift. What is the one thing you truly desire for yourself and your family? Don’t you think we all want it? What if you were handed a beautifully wrapped box containing a miraculous tool that caused dramatic weight loss and good health without limiting calories or requiring exercise? What if this gift reduced appetite, shrunk belly fat, and dropped your dress size? What if that same gift freed you from acid reflux, heartburn, bowel urgency, and diarrhea, but also improved mood, increased energy, deepened sleep, and reduced or eliminated joint pain? And all of th...
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This study analyzed whether environmental enrichment (EE) modulates the nociceptive and inflammatory responses in the mouse model of arthritis induced by Complete Freund's Adjuvant (CFA). Ninety male mice (C57BL/6-JUnib, 4-weeks-old; 20-25 g) were distributed into EE and standard (SE) groups. For EE, mice were kept in bigger cages using an alternation of materials to chew (wood and paper), for nesting (cotton), to use as hiding places (plastic tunnels), and for voluntary exercise (wheel running). Arthritis was induced by an injection of CFA (50 μL) into the right hind paw or saline solution in the control group. Separat...
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DISCUSSION: Because this patient was referred to a palliative care team for the purpose of relieving pain caused by skin symptoms associated with chemotherapy, a crucial point is the symptoms were treated as side effects of the chemotherapy from the beginning. As neuropathy can occur as a result of chemotherapy, the pain and muscle weakness could be explained at the time; however, the symptoms continued to worsen even after the chemotherapy was stopped. Because the symptoms were not typical of polymyositis/dermatomyositis, diagnosis of the patient was delayed, even though he was treated in each specialized department. Our ...
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ARTHRITIS is a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint. Nonetheless, you may be experiencing issues with your hair, nails and skin which could be related to the condition.
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Yoo Yoon Kim Septic ankle arthritis is a devastating clinical entity with high risks of morbidity and mortality. Prompt treatment is necessary because delayed or inadequate treatment can lead to irreversible damage that may occur on the articular surface, resulting in cartilage erosion, infective synovitis, osteomyelitis, joint deformity, and pain and joint dysfunction. An aggressive surgical approach is required when a joint infection causes severe limb-threatening arthritis. A 58-year-old woman visited our clinic with increasing pain in the right ankle, which had been present for the previous 2 months. She ...
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Z Rheumatol. 2021 Nov 24. doi: 10.1007/s00393-021-01125-w. Online ahead of print.ABSTRACTIn 2017 the first Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors were approved for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in Germany. The mode of action of JAK inhibitors differs from biologicals, as multiple cytokines are inhibited. In comparison with the treatment with biologicals, JAK inhibitors have the advantage of oral application, three of the four currently approved JAK inhibitors were superior to adalimumab in at least some of the endpoints in randomized controlled trials, they have a short half-life and have a particular efficacy in the contro...
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When your fingers are stiff and arthritis pain flares, hand exercises may improve joint flexibility.
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Conclusions: Hemostasis is a conspicuous effect of YNBY. Except for this effect, analgesia and anti-infection may be new research directions of this formula. In addition, the in vitro and in vivo pharmacology and mechanisms of action of YNBY are encouraged as well as the pharmacokinetics of this formulae. Furthermore, the material basis of the pharmacological effects of YNBY also needs clear identification.
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ARTHRITIS causes inflammation of joints and consequently leads to pain. This pain can get worse during the winter months as the temperatures drop. New research has found that general chronic pain affects more than four in 10 people. Here, few experts provide advice on how to ease joint pain becoming worse during winter as well as what to avoid.
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This study aims to investigate chronic widespread pain with the 1990 (CWP1990) and 2019 (CWP2019) definitions 6 years after the onset of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), in one patient cohort with tight controls and one conventional cohort, and factors associated with reporting CWP1990 and CWP2019, respectively.METHODS: A cohort of 80 RA patients with monthly visits to the physician the first 6 months was compared to a cohort of 101 patients from the same clinic with conventional follow-up. Both cohorts had early RA (
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