Sales of Biogen ’s costly new Alzheimer’s drug fall far short of expectations.

The drug, Aduhelm, brought in $300,000 in revenue in its first full three months of availability. The company expects the drug to generate minimal revenue for the rest of the year.
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US scientists say users of sildenafil – the generic name for Viagra – are 69% less likely to develop the form of dementia than non-usersViagra could be a useful treatment against Alzheimer ’s disease, according to a US study.Alzheimer ’s disease, the most common form of age-related dementia, affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Despite mounting numbers of cases, however, there is currently no effective treatment.Continue reading...
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NOT EVERYONE with Down's Syndrome develops Alzheimer's, but around 50 percent of people with the disorder develop memory loss in their 50s and 60s. Why are people with Down's Syndrome at an increased risk of dementia?
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Condition:   Alzheimer Disease Interventions:   Dietary Supplement: Low dose probiotics;   Dietary Supplement: Normal dose probiotics Sponsor:   Hsieh-Hsun Ho Recruiting
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A study of more than 7million Americans by the Cleveland Clinic found those taking sildenafil were nearly a third less likely to develop Alzheimer's than those not taking the medication.
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Researchers say the drug, used to treat erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure, should be studied as a possible Alzheimer ’s treatment.
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The impotence pill could have effects in the brain that may help fight dementia, say US researchers.
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The erectile dysfunction drug sildenafil -- better known as the brand Viagra -- may help prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease, a study published Monday by Nature Aging found, and cataract surgery may help prevent it.
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BDNF levels decline with age. Much of the focus on BDNF has been its role in neurogenesis in the brain. Interventions such as exercise and reversing (or compensating for) the aging of the gut microbiome can boost BDNF levels and cognitive function in animal studies. For a different view on the relevance of BDNF, researchers here report on their investigations of the role of BDNF in muscle tissue, finding that it can upregulate the mitochondrial quality control mechanism of mitophagy, improving muscle function. They also note that obesity can harm muscle tissue function by reducing BDNF levels and thereby causing a loss of ...
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Why do only some people develop Alzheimer's disease? Why do only some people with evidence of amyloid and tau protein aggregation in brain tissue also exhibit dementia? These are important questions. Researchers here provide evidence to suggest that whether or not tau protein is isomerized is relevant to the onset and progression of Alzheimer's disease. Isomers of the same molecule have the same molecular weight but a different structure and chemistry. Whether or not isomers of important proteins are present in significant numbers is not well studied in the context of neurodegenerative conditions; perhaps it should be. The...
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Epilepsy Curr. 2021 Mar 9;21(3):175-176. doi: 10.1177/1535759721998656. eCollection 2021 May-Jun.NO ABSTRACTPMID:34867098 | PMC:PMC8609586 | DOI:10.1177/1535759721998656
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