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If it hurts – take notice, and avoid it. Learn from it. If there are other people around, make sure your behaviour is noticeable so they take care of you and don’t do what you just did. If they look after you, you’ll probably do the same thing again when you hurt, if they don’t you probably won’t. This is one description of pain behaviour and how it works. It’s the only part of our pain experience that we can share directly with one another (actions and words). The “doing” part is also the part that is most affected by pain – even distress is signalled to others – so it’s unsurprising that a lot of attention has been paid to how therapists can change behaviours that are unhelpful. Many of us start with offering an explanation. Language is something that sets humans apart from other creatures because we learn concepts, and associate one concept with another through it (see Beeckman, Hughes, Kissi, Simons &Goubert (2019) for excellent insights into relational frame theory and pain). I’m sure there are many clinicians who’ve tried to give information (to “educate”) to a person and found it works well. And then there are those who just don’t get it. There are three main points that people who respond well to “education” seem to find useful: (1) pain doesn’t mean my body is damaged (the old “hurt does not equal harm” message that originated with ...
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AbstractBackgroundThe Covid-19 pandemic led to global public health advocacy for a population behavioural and daily routine change. Remote work and social distancing were advocated to curb the community spread. A consequential effect on the physical health of the population is expected. The study aimed to explore whether since the onset of Covid-19 back pain complaints have increased while identifying potential reasons, among the Malta adult population.MethodsAn anonymous online survey was distributed on social media (6th to 20th April 2021). The survey enquired about changes in employment, daily routine, physical activity...
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CONCLUSIONS: KP with the PDS method offered satisfactory outcomes in the surgical treatment of unstable osteoporotic compression fractures.PMID:34664690 | DOI:10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.33511-20.2
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AbstractPurposeTo evaluate the safety and 2-year follow-up clinical outcomes of transcatheter arterial embolization (TAE) using imipenem/cilastatin sodium for chronic low back pain resistant to conservative treatment.Materials and MethodsA retrospective review identified 14 patients who underwent TAE for chronic low back pain between October 2017 and August 2018. Patients with low back pain related to the facet or sacroiliac joint, lasting  ≥ 6 months, refractory to ≥ 3 months of conservative treatment were eligible for TAE. Each patient received embolization of feeding arteries ...
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Chronic nonspecific spinal pain (CNSP) is defined as a chronic pain experienced in musculoskeletal structures of the spine. CNSP is characterized by a significant emotional distress or functional disability which cannot be attributed directly to a known disease or damage process 38. CNSP represents the leading worldwide cause of years lived with disability 47 and it is responsible for a high social and financial burden in developed countries 11,19. Findings from literature accounted that one-fifth of overall workers with CNSP takes some absence over a period of six months 50.
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Oper Orthop Traumatol. 2021 Oct 18. doi: 10.1007/s00064-021-00738-3. Online ahead of print.ABSTRACTOBJECTIVE: Pain reduction and improvement in quality of life with sacroiliac joint (SIJ) fusion.INDICATIONS: Chronic SIJ-associated pain; positive response to SIJ injection with local anesthetic; positive SIJ provocation tests; failed conservative therapy over 6 months.CONTRAINDICATIONS: Non-SIJ-associated pain; tumor/infection/unstable fracture in the implantation area; malformations; tumor or osteolysis of the sacrum or ilium bone; active infection at the implantation site; allergy to metal components; secondary gain from i...
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Conclusion] SEMG topographic variables are closely associated with changes in pain score in patients with CLBP after IFC treatment. The RMSD of RA at flexion can be used as an objective marker in IFC treatment efficacy evaluation.PMID:34658523 | PMC:PMC8516599 | DOI:10.1589/jpts.33.772
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ConclusionsCervical vertebral mobilization for patients with chronic cervical radiculopathy reduced localized mechanical, but not thermal, pain hypersensitivity.Trial (NCT03328351). Registered on November 1, 2017, retrospectively registered.
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palia Vincenzo Denaro Chronic Low Back Pain (LBP) is a symptom that may be caused by several diseases, and it is currently the leading cause of disability worldwide. The increased amount of digital images in orthopaedics has led to the development of methods related to artificial intelligence, and to computer vision in particular, which aim to improve diagnosis and treatment of LBP. In this manuscript, we have systematically reviewed the available literature on the use of computer vision in the diagnosis and treatment of LBP. A systematic research of PubMed electronic database was performed. The search strategy was s...
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In this study, we measured the health status of Koreans and differences in the population health level according to gender, age group, region, and income level. This data can be used as an indicator of health equity, and the results derived from this study can be used to guide community-centered (or customized) health promotion policies and projects, and for setting national health policy goals.PMID:34649391 | DOI:10.3961/jpmph.21.478
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ConclusionsSF-NDI with 5 items has adequate measurement properties in Brazilian chronic neck pain patients.
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