A cross-sectional study of chemotherapy-related AKI

This study aims to detail the characteristics of chemotherapy-related acute kidney injury (CR-AKI) and investigate its effect on patient outcomes.MethodsThis is a multicenter cross-sectional study of cancer patients with CR-AKI screened from hospital-acquired adult AKI patients based on a nationwide AKI survey in China.ResultsOf the 3468 patients with hospital-acquired AKI, 258 cases of CR-AKI were identified. Of the patients, 20.1% (52/258) were ≥ 70 years old. Among the 258 CR-AKI cases, 61 (23.6%) reached AKI stage 3, and 75 (29.1%) reached AKI stage 2. The remaining 122 (47.3%) remained at AKI stage 1. A total of 413 chemotherapeutic agents were related to AKI, of which platinum compounds (24.5%, 101/413) were the most common. In-hospi tal mortality was 14.7% (38/258), and the rate of AKI non-recovery was 48.3% (100/207). AKI stage 3 (OR 2.930, 95% CI 1.156–7.427) and age ≥ 70 years (OR 3.138, 95% CI 1.309–7.519) were independent risk factors for in-hospital death. Compared to stage 2 or 3 AKI cases, a higher proportion of p atients with stage 1 AKI did not recover their renal function (57.1% vs. 41.4% vs. 36.4%,P = 0.032). More AKI episodes were not recognized in patients with stage 1 AKI compared with the other two groups (82.8% vs. 60.0% vs. 36.1%,P
Source: European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology - Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research

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Conditions:   Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer;   Non-small Cell Lung Cancer;   Colorectal Cancer Interventions:   Drug: SM08502;   Drug: Abiraterone;   Drug: Prednisone;   Drug: Docetaxel;   Drug: FOLFIRI Protocol;   Drug: Panitumumab Sponsor:   Biosplice Therapeutics, Inc. Not yet recruiting
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Conclusion: Initial results of this new biomarker panel (quintuple-wildtype) are promising for anti-EGFR therapy with cetuximab plus doublet chemotherapy (FOLFIRI) in first-line treatment of metastatic CRC. These results warrant confirmation with higher case numbers in the IVOPAK II trial.Oncology
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AbstractPurposeHigh-dose methotrexate (HDMTX)-associated acute kidney injury with delayed MTX clearance has been linked to an excess in MTX-induced toxicities. Glucarpidase is a recombinant enzyme that rapidly hydrolyzes MTX into non-toxic metabolites. The recommended dose of glucarpidase is 50 U/kg, which has never been formally established in a dose finding study in humans. Few case reports, mostly in children, suggest that lower doses of glucarpidase might be equally effective in lowering MTX levels.MethodsSeven patients with toxic MTX plasma concentrations following HDMTX therapy were treated with half-dose glucarpidas...
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ConclusionV and AC can be safely combined. Activity was observed in patients with metastatic breast cancer.
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AbstractBackground/ObjectiveUp to 30% of patients with cancer may present cognitive impairment (CI) before treatment but data are scarce regarding prostate cancer (PCa). We aim to estimate the prevalence of CI in patients with PCa, before cancer treatment.MethodsBetween February 2018 and April 2021, the NEON-PC cohort included 609 patients with a recent PCa diagnosis to be treated at Instituto Portugu ês de Oncologia do Porto. Previous history of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, androgen deprivation therapy, and neurologic or psychyatric conditions impairing cognitive performance were exclusion criteria. The Montreal Cogn...
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ConclusionsPalliative care has received considerable socio-political support in recent years, due primarily to epidemiological developments. Depending on severity, life expectancy and the patients' personal circumstances, it can be delivered in a variety of settings, including private residences, assisted living facilities, acute and long-term care hospitals, hospice residences, correctional facilities, and homeless shelters. As a result, access barriers might be particularly complex to identify and overcome. Cross-country learning can be an important catalyst for future improvements.
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ConclusionsRadiomic features extracted within and around the lung tumor on CT images were both prognostic of OS and predictive of response to chemotherapy in SCLC patients.
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In this study, we recruit three omics profiles, including CNA, MET, and mRNA, in a UM cohort from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). Firstly, we identify two sets of genes, CNAexp and METexp, whose CNA and MET significantly correlated with their corresponding mRNA, respectively. Then, single and integrative analyses of the three data types are performed using the PINSPlus tool. As a result, we discover two novel integrative subgroups, IntSub1 and IntSub2, which could be a useful alternative classification for UM patients in the future. To further explore molecular events behind each subgroup, we identify their subgroup-specif...
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In conclusion, the frequency of ICU-admission, CPR or a new line of chemotherapy ≤ 30 days before death was low. Most patients receiving a new line of chemotherapy ≤ 30 days before death, died in the hospital.
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ConclusionICI score is an effective prognosis-related biomarker for OC and can provide valuable information on the potential response to immunotherapy.
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