BIOWARFARE BATTLEFIELD: CDC, DoD running black ops missions to RELEASE pathogens across America, specifically targeting health freedom advocates

(Natural News) We now have yet more evidence pointing to the ongoing CDC / DoD black ops “pathogen release” warfare activities that were responsible for not only the deliberate spread of measles at Disney Land (to push SB 277 in California) but now are targeting health freedom speakers, advocates and their family members in order...
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1. Global situation or child health The world population is growing at an alarming rate and particularly so in the developing nations. Over 80% of the world's children live in the developing world (1) where child mortality and morbidity rates are the highest. Each year about 14 million under-five children die from malnutrition and infection, i.e. , 40,000 daily or 2000 per hour, of which 98 % occur in the developing countries (1). The main causes of mortality in these countries are diarrhoeal diseases, pneumonia, perinatal and neonatal problems, measles, neonatal tetanus and malaria (Table 1), over 60% of which are prevent...
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CONCLUSIONS: This study reveals the coordination of pathogenic genes during TB infection and offers the diagnosis of TB a promising genome. These hub genes also provide new directions for the development of latent molecular targets for TB treatment.PMID:34671419 | PMC:PMC8523273 | DOI:10.1155/2021/8159879
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ConclusionThe Gambia ’s quest to attain measles elimination status by 2020 has registered significant success but it is unlikely that all target indicators will be met. Vaccination has been very effective in preventing cases. There is variation in measles risk by health region, and it will be important to take it into account when designing prevention and control strategies. The quality of case investigations should be improved to enhance the quality of surveillance for decision making.
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ConclusionsDuring the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 there was a decline in all notified infectious diseases compared to the previous years, likely due to massive NPIs adoption, as well as, possibly, to decreased access to care and preventive services that caused difficulties to the surveillance system to detect notifiable infectious diseases. VCRs were still high for most important vaccines while there was a decline for other vaccines as evidence of the impact of the pandemic on vaccination activities.Key messagesNPIs had a deep impact on the reduction of airborne diseases.The decline for non-airborne infections is likely due ...
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AbstractBackgroundThe study aims to understand the effect of COVID lockdown on MCH for slum dwellers and coping mechanisms adopted in Indore and Agra, India. Slum women's perspectives on seeking, delaying, avoiding healthcare in COVID-19, barriers and facilitators were explored.MethodsIn-person qualitative interviews were conducted in slums in Sept-Oct 2020 with mothers who had deliveries; pregnant women needing ante-natal care; mothers with children
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ConclusionsAfter two years of mandatory vaccination law in Italy, vaccination coverages have reached the 95% threshold only among patients of 24 months of age. Older cohorts still show inadequate vaccination coverages despite the introduction of mandatory vaccination law. Health services at regional level should develop policies and strategies aiming to improve vaccination coverages and to reach herd immunity.Key messagesAfter the introduction on mandatory vaccination, vaccination coverages reached the 95% threshold only among patients of 24 months of age.Health services should develop strategies aiming to improve vaccination coverages.
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ConclusionsOur results demonstrate the feasibility and acceptability of local-language NLP chatbots in providing immunization information. Text-based chatbots can minimize workload on helpline operators, in addition to quickly resolving queries that otherwise lead to delay or default. Bablibot's conversation data provides learning infrastructure for future health-related bots.Key messagesAn AI-based NLP chatbot is a feasible and acceptable intervention for providing immunization-related information to large number of caregivers 24/7 in limited resource setting.By serving as a remote, low-cost and confidential bi-directiona...
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Abstract Almost 20 million children globally do not get routine vaccines, 1.4 million of which reside in Pakistan. Immunization coverage in rural settings of Pakistan, comprising>60% population, is lower than their urban counterparts. Barriers such as distant-centers, lack of transportation, and restrictions on women to travel alone, exacerbate the problem. We introduced immunization carpool services in rural settings to facilitate vaccination of
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Conclusions: In trials published from 2010 to 2019, M-M-RII continued to be safe and immunogenic in all age groups studied. These data, along with the results of earlier trials, indicate that the performance of the vaccine has been consistent across more than 30 years of postlicensure studies.
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Condition:   Chickenpox Interventions:   Biological: Investigational varicella vaccine low potency;   Biological: Investigational varicella vaccine medium potency;   Biological: Investigational varicella vaccine high potency;   Biological: Marketed varicella vaccine Lot 1;   Biological: Marketed varicella vaccine Lot 2;   Biological: Measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine;   Biological: Hepatitis A vaccine;   Biological: 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine Sponsors:   GlaxoSmithKline...
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