Fight Aging! Newsletter, August 16th 2021

In conclusion, cancer survivors, especially older individuals, demonstrate greater odds of and accelerated functional decline, suggesting that cancer and/or its treatment may alter aging trajectories. Linking Particulate Air Pollution and Dementia in a Small Region of the US It is fairly settled that evident particulate air pollution, such as daily exposure to smoke from wood-fueled cooking fires, has a strongly detrimental effect on long-term health. The mechanisms involved are inflammatory in nature, in that breathing in airborne particles of this nature produces inflammatory signaling that harms tissue function throughout the body, accelerating the onset and progression of all age-related conditions. This is particularly the case for atherosclerosis. A primary challenge to the study of this correlation between health and particulate air pollution is the confounding effects of wealth and status. Wealthier populations tend to live in areas with lower levels of particulate air pollution, poorer populations in areas with higher levels of particulate air pollution. It is possible to find natural experiments in which the question of wealth is minimized, however. One can look at an interesting paper comparing populations of a similar socioeconomic status in China, for example, showing that higher particulate air pollution correlates wit...
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Though the comparison is a bit apples and oranges between now and 1918, the staggering death toll is tragic in any era.Medscape Medical News
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A new report claims better federal government coordination is needed, along with an improved public health infrastructure, more tests, and better data on critical supplies.Medscape Medical News
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ConclusionsIn this study, we showed TEW-7197 and ramucirumab considerably decreased invasiveness, thus EMTness in a panel of diffuse-type GC cell lines including GC PDCs. Taken together, we confirmed that combination of TEW-7197 and ramucirumab reduced tumor spheroid and GC PDC-induced blood vessel formation concomitantly in the spheroid-on-a-chip model.
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The objective of the study was to explore the effect of the PARK16 rs11240572 variant on brain structure in PD patients. A total of 51 PD patients were enrolled in the study and genotyped for the rs11240572 variant. Clinical assessments and MRI scans were conducted across all participants. Voxel-based morphometry (VBM) was used to investigate gray matter volume (GMV) of the whole brain between these two groups. Correlation analysis was performed to identify the relationships between GMV and clinical features. There were 17 rs11240572-A variant carriers and 34 non-carriers, with no significant demographic differences betwee...
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Systematically mapping the mechanical properties of skin and tissue is useful for biomechanics research and disease diagnostics. For example, later stage breast cancer and lymphoma manifest themselves as hard nodes under the skin. Currently, mechanical measurements are done manually, with a sense of touch or a handheld tool. Manual measurements do not provide quantitative information and vary depending on the skill of the practitioner. Research shows that tactile sensors could be more sensitive than a hand. We propose a method that uses our previously developed skin-crawling robots to noninvasively test the mechanical prop...
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Conclusion: The proposed model is shown to adequately describe the meal-induced glucose fluctuations in simulated CGM data while validations on clinical CGM data show promising results as well. Significance: The proposed model may lay the grounds for new ways of utilizing available CGM data, including CGM-based parameter estimation and stochastic optimal control.
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Conclusion: Mitigation of LVAD sounds from precordial sound recordings of LVAD recipients enables analysis of intrinsic heart sounds. Significance: These findings provide proof-of-concept evidence of the clinical utility of heart sound analysis for bedside and remote monitoring of LVAD recipients.
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This study shows that the LVADs can respond appropriately to changing patient states and physiological demands without the need for additional pressure or flow measurements.
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In conclusion, our work shows that even under CFA ischemia, high-frequency power of LFPs from RFA is still able to accurately decode force signals and has long stability, which provides the possibility of BMIs for motor function reconstruction of chronic stroke patients.
Source: IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering - Category: Biomedical Engineering Source Type: research
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