Fight Aging! Newsletter, August 9th 2021

In conclusion, the present study supports that some age-related diseases as well as education are causally related to longevity and highlights several new targets for achieving longevity, including management of venous thromboembolism, appropriate intake of sugar, and control of body fat. Our results warrant further studies to elucidate the underlying mechanisms of these reported causal associations. Pol III Inhibition Extends Longevity in Short-Lived Species As this paper notes, Pol III is downstream of mTORC1, and like mTORC1, inhibition extends life span in a variety of laboratory species. The network of genes around mTOR relates to the regulation of cellular responses to stress, such as increased autophagy. It is complex and touches upon many aspects of cellular metabolism. Upregulation of these stress response mechanisms, such as via the practice of calorie restriction, improves health and extends life in short lived species. It has similar effects on health in long-lived species such as our own, but the effects on lifespan are much smaller. Calorie restriction extends life by 40% in mice, but does not add more than a few years to human life span. The transcription of the eukaryotic nuclear genome is performed by three, evolutionarily conserved, multi-subunit RNA polymerases (Pols) that each transcribe a distinct set of genes. A large propo...
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International Journal of Obesity, Published online: 23 January 2022; doi:10.1038/s41366-021-00958-4A mediation analysis on the relationship between dietary glycemic load, obesity and cardiovascular risk factors in children
Source: International Journal of Obesity - Category: Eating Disorders & Weight Management Authors: Source Type: research
ConclusionExercise programs for chronic kidney disease patients provide beneficial clinical outcomes and optimize functional capacity and quality of life in those patients. Future studies still need to focus on high-quality evidence and studies evaluating the adverse effects of exercise.
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AbstractIn tracheal tissue engineering, the construction of tracheal scaffolds with adequate biodegradable mechanical capacity and biological functions that mimic the structure of a natural trachea is challenging. To explore the feasibility of preparing biomimetic degradable scaffolds with C-type cartilage rings and an inner tracheal wall of polycaprolactone and silk fibroin. A mold was made according to the diameter of a rabbit trachea, and a silk fibroin tube and polycaprolactone ring attached to the tube were obtained by solution casting. The ring was fixed to the tube at a specific spacing using electrostatic spinning ...
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Hi everyone, I am turning 34 soon (female) and I am two quarters from completing my masters in computer science with a 3.85 gpa. I have a job waiting in July thank goodness. In undergrad I had some mental health issues mainly depression that messed with my grades. So I needed up with a 3.32 cGPA and probably a 3.0 sGPA. I chose computer science because it is intellectually stimulating and as I developed psychosis from the long term depression (which is very well managed now) I didn’t... Read more
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AbstractAccurate staging and re-staging of cancer in children is crucial for patient management. Currently, children with a newly diagnosed cancer must undergo a series of imaging tests, which are stressful, time-consuming, partially redundant, expensive, and can require repetitive anesthesia. New approaches for pediatric cancer staging can evaluate the primary tumor and metastases in a single session. However, traditional one-stop imaging tests, such as CT and positron emission tomography (PET)/CT, are associated with considerable radiation exposure. This is particularly concerning for children because they are more sensi...
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big dreamer here: if you were starting out as a first year med student, what is the path you’d take to secure a dream job specializing in lung cancer and related environmental research/advocacy at an academic medical center? what about while adding on an MBA and wanting to combine academia with entrepreneurship to find better lung cancer therapies?
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Your heart rate is a measurement of the number of times per minute that your heart contracts or beats. Monitoring your heart rate is useful for tracking fitness and managing the risk factors of heart and circulatory diseases like diabetes. So, how do you measure your heart rate and what is a healthy heart rate?
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The Royal College of GPs asks for a national conversation on mandating jabs, as protests are held in UK cities.
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ConclusionWe observed a significant reduction in mortality during the period 2008 –2017 in diabetes either as underlying cause of death or when all mentions of diabetes in the death certificate were considered.
Source: Journal of Endocrinological Investigation - Category: Endocrinology Source Type: research
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