Zika virus case reported in India: Symptoms, treatment & other key things to know

Zika virus is spread by Aedes aegypti — the same mosquito that is also responsible for causing dengue and chikungunya. The virus is considered a huge cause for worry for pregnant women because it causes microcephaly, a birth defect.
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Emerging infectious diseases, including Ebola, chikungunya, Zika, and dengue, may have significant impacts on maternal-fetal dyads and neonatal outcomes. Pregnant women infected with Ebola demonstrate high mortality and very low evidence of neonatal survival. Maternal chikungunya infection can result in high rates of perinatal transmission, and infected neonates demonstrate variable disease severity. Dengue can be transmitted to neonates via vertical transmission or perinatal transmission. Zika is characterized by mild disease in pregnant women, but congenital infection can be severe. Treatment largely is supportive for th...
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Viruses, Vol. 13, Pages 744: High Incidence of Zika or Chikungunya Infection among Pregnant Women Hospitalized due to Obstetrical Complications in Northeastern Brazil—Implications for Laboratory Screening in Arbovirus Endemic Area Viruses doi: 10.3390/v13050744 Authors: Iracema J. A. A. Jacques Leila Katz Marília A. Sena Ana B. G. Guimarães Yasmim L. Silva Gabriela D. M. Albuquerque Raisa O. Pereira Camila A. M. C. de Albuquerque Maria Almerice L. Silva Paula A. S. Oliveira Maria de Fátima P. M. Albuquerque Marli T. Cordeiro Ernesto T. A. Marques Rafael F. O. Fran&cc...
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Conclusions/SignificanceOur findings exemplify the challenges of the assessment of test performance for ZIKV serological tests in the real-world setting, during co-circulation of DENV, ZIKV, and CHIKV. However, we can also demonstrate that the IgAM immunoassay exhibits superior sensitivity to detect ZIKV RT-PCR confirmed infections compared to IgG and IgM immunoassays. The IgAM assay also proves to be promising for detection of anti-ZIKV seroconversions in sequential samples, both in ZIKV PCR-positive as well as PCR-negative patients, making this a candidate assay for serological monitoring of pregnant women in future ZIKV outbreaks.
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This report describes the process to build a Web portal to enhance laboratory testing and electronic reporting of Zika cases during the 2016 epidemic in Puerto Rico. We demonstrate the utility of applying the Collaborative Requirements Development Methodology, a proven informatics method, to the development of a Web portal for managing arboviruses in a health department.
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ni Soriano-Arandes Nuria Sanchez Clemente Tania Quintella Dora Fix Ventura Francisco Max Damico Valtenice de Cassia Rodrigues de Matos França Juliana Paula Gomes de Almeida Ana Laura de Sene Amâncio Zara Lucas Castro Pires Cohort Zika vírus Jundiaí Saulo Duarte Passos Congenital Zika virus (ZIKV) infection may present with a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations. Some sequelae, particularly neurodevelopmental problems, may have a later onset. We conducted a prospective cohort study of 799 high-risk pregnant women who were followed up until delivery. Eighty-three women ...
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Gerarlene Ponte Guimarães Santos Valter Cordeiro Barbosa Filho Gabriel Carrasquilla Andrea Caprara José Wellington de Oliveira Lima Aedes aegypti is a cosmopolitan vector for arboviruses dengue, Zika and chikungunya, disseminated in all Brazilian states. The Eco-Bio-Social (EBS) strategy is vital in Aedes aegypti control as it mobilizes stakeholders (government, professionals, society, and academics) to promote healthy environments. This paper describes the rationale and methods of expanding the EBS strategy for Aedes aegypti control in Fortaleza, Northeast Brazil. A cluster, non-randomized con...
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International Year of Volunteers: A volunteer ombudsman in Peru helps a local woman with her problem, 2001. Credit: UN PhotoBy Carmen ArroyoUNITED NATIONS, Jan 15 2021 (IPS) While the world is grappling with the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peru is still dealing with an epidemic that it has not been able to control—the mosquito-borne viral disease known as dengue. With almost 56,400 confirmed cases as of December, Peru is suffering the worst dengue epidemic since 2017, when the virus infected over 68,000 people. The illness, coupled with the novel coronavirus crisis, has left thousands of people exposed to m...
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ConclusionsFrom 136 studied samples, 27.7% tested positive for DENV, 8% for ZIKV and 24.1% for CHIKV by RTPCR and the values of IgG in sera show that 83.9% were positive for IgG antibodies against DENV, 65% against ZIKV and 59.1% against CHIKV. Results demonstrated presence of ZIKV and CHIKV, not detected by the epidemiological surveillance system, so the importance of establishing proactive epidemiological systems more strict, especially because these infections in pregnant women can cause severe health problems for newborn children.
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This study assessed the effects of pyriproxyfen on reproductive performance, embryo-fetal development, head measurements, and DNA integrity in a preclinical model. Thirty pregnant mice were divided into three groups (n = 10): control (drinking water-0.1 ml/10 g (body weight-b.w., gavage) and treated with pyriproxyfen 0.0002 mg/kg and 0.0021 mg/kg (b.w., gavage) during the gestational period. Analysis of biometric, reproductive performance and embryo-fetal development parameters related to control presented no significant differences, suggesting no maternal or embryo-fetal toxicity. Head me...
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Mosquito bites may be a nuisance, but fortunately, in the U.S., they tend to amount to nothing more than that. Upon being bitten, most Americans experience a bit of swelling and itchiness, and nothing more. However, there are exceptions to this, including stronger allergic reactions to bites and cases of mosquito-borne illness.  Insect and arachnid bites, including ticks, account for approximately 2,000 cases of malaria and 30,000 cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. annually. In addition, millions of people worldwide die of malaria each year. It is helpful to protect yourself against insect bites, not only to avoid pesk...
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