Early outcomes of component separation techniques: an analysis of the Spanish registry of incisional Hernia (EVEREG)

AbstractAimTo analyze the outcomes of component separation techniques (CST) to treat incisional hernias (IH) in a large multicenter cohort of patients.MethodsAll IH repair using CST, registered in EVEREG from July 2012 to December 2019, were included. Data on the pre-operative patient characteristics and comorbidities, IH characteristics, surgical technique, complications, and recurrence were collected. Outcomes between anterior (ACS) and posterior component separation (PCS) techniques were compared. Risk factors for complications and recurrences were analyzed.ResultsDuring the study period, 1536 patients underwent CST (45.5% females) with a median age of 64.0  years and median body mass index (BMI) of 29.7 kg/m2. ACS was the most common technique (77.7%). Overall complications were frequent in both ACS and PCS techniques (36.5%), with a higher frequency of wound infection (10.6% vs. 7.0%;P = 0.05) and skin necrosis (4.4% vs. 0.1%;P 
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ConclusionSuturing technique has no significant effect on the surgical outcomes assessed regardless of open or laparoscopic technique.
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AbstractPurposeWe aimed to clarify the frequency and the clinical significance of deviation of the uterus in female pediatric inguinal hernia.MethodsWe retrospectively evaluated the data of 94 female pediatric inguinal hernia cases that were treated by laparoscopic percutaneous extraperitoneal closure. We assessed for correlations between uterine deviation and age, body weight, the size of the hernia orifice, and the presence of contralateral processus vaginalis (PV) patency.ResultsEighty-four of 94 cases were diagnosed with unilateral inguinal hernia. A total of 62 (73.8%) of these had uterine deviation to the hernia side...
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ConclusionThere were no differences in short or long-term mortality between four university hospitals in Finland. However, some inter-hospital variation in postoperative outcomes was present.Level of evidenceLevel III.
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ConclusionO/E LHR is a well-validated standard for predicting outcomes and guiding prenatal counseling in CDH. We provide evidence that fetal MRI measurements of the contralateral lung volume corrected for gestational age were more accurate in predicting the need for ECMO and survival. Future prospective studies validating O/E CLV regarding outcomes and ECMO utilization are warranted.Level of evidenceLevel III, retrospective comparative study.
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ConclusionComplex GS and OCL  + patients had the highest risk of undergoing secondary operations, especially those with gastrointestinal complications.
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Conclusions: The secondary attack rate depends on the school level and therefore on the age. Super-spreading events (outbreaks of 5 cases or more) in childhood were rare, only occurring in 2.5% of all infections triggered from a pediatric index case.
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A screening of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in young pregnant women (≤25 years old) and their newborns was conducted. A total of 136 women were tested with urine samples in the immediate postpartum period. The prevalence was 18.4% (95% confidence interval [CI]: 11.9–24.9%) (25/136) and the rate of perinatal transmission was 35% (7/20). These results support the need for antenatal screening programs in high-risk women in Madrid (Spain).
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Purpose of review The mucosal barrier serves as a primary interface between the environment and host. In daily life, superficial injury to the gastric or duodenal mucosa occurs regularly but heals rapidly by a process called ‘restitution’. Persistent injury to the gastroduodenal mucosa also occurs but initiates a regenerative lesion with specific wound healing mechanisms that attempt to repair barrier function. If not healed, these lesions can be the site of neoplasia development in a chronic inflammatory setting. This review summarizes the past year of advances in understanding mucosal repair in the gastro...
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Listen on BandCamp and SoundCloud Having put together a song for Mrs Sciencebase that was about some of our shared experiences and made some kind of lyrical sense – The people we can be – I thought I’d go back to my usual unintelligible, stream-of-consciousness approach to lyric writing for my next song. Basically, start a tune in demo form, ad lib some lyrics, burble a few of them incomprehensibly, write them down as best I can and then edit into a useable form for a proper recording. The only difference with this one is that I had a go at recording it using a Wikiloops instrumental backing track called ...
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Revel Pharmaceuticals is the result of work funded in large part by the SENS Research Foundation, with the support of its many philanthropic donors. That part of the history of the underlying research isn't covered in today's short article on the company, so it seems worth mentioning here. Cross-links are chemical bonds formed between molecules in the extracellular matrix. Some are necessary to structure and function, but other unwanted cross-links are added over the years, creating stiffness in flexible tissues such as blood vessel walls and skin. In the case of blood vessels, stiffness causes hypertension, and eventual m...
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