Lyme neuroborreliosis-associated cerebrovascular events in the Finnish endemic area

Neuroborreliosis is a rare cause of cerebral vasculitis and stroke. The incidence of Lyme borreliosis in Finland has been increasing in the last 20  years, so we expect that Lyme neuroborreliosis–associated vasculitis can be a more common cause of stroke in the future.
Source: Journal of the Neurological Sciences - Category: Neurology Authors: Source Type: research

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Fight Aging! publishes news and commentary relevant to the goal of ending all age-related disease, to be achieved by bringing the mechanisms of aging under the control of modern medicine. This weekly newsletter is sent to thousands of interested subscribers. To subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter, please visit: Longevity Industry Consulting Services Reason, the founder of Fight Aging! and Repair Biotechnologies, offers strategic consulting services to investors, entrepreneurs, and others interested in the longevity industry and its complexities. To find out m...
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Tick-borne diseases (TBDs) are increasing despite prevention recommendations. We explored whether cost is a barrier to prevention use in Connecticut and Maryland, using a cross-sectional survey. Respondents were queried regarding their willingness to pay for chemical, natural, and rodent-targeted yard pesticide treatments and permethrin-treated clothing. We evaluated associations between demographics, TBD knowledge and attitudes, and willingness to pay for prevention methods.
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CONCLUSIONS: Penetrating a narrow space from the paretic side improved safety management of the paretic side in patients with previous falls despite poor adjustment to narrow apertures. Penetrating a narrow space from the paretic side may make it easier to view and pay attention to the paretic side.PMID:34837773 | DOI:10.1016/j.humov.2021.102906
Source: Human Movement Science - Category: Neurology Authors: Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: The evidence is currently insufficient to determine the effectiveness of Roselle compared to placebo for controlling or lowering blood pressure in people with hypertension. The certainty of evidence was very low due to methodological limitations, imprecision, and indirectness. There is a need for rigorous RCTs that address the review question.PMID:34837382 | DOI:10.1002/14651858.CD007894.pub3
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CONCLUSION: Gut dysbiosis commonly co-exists in patients with rCDI. Restoration of gut microbial communities by FMT provides a promising strategy to treat antibiotic-failed CDI, and the extent of microbial change would be related to the treatment outcomes of FMT. Besides, the effectiveness of FMT for CDI could be maintained even the gut microbiota has diverged over time.PMID:34836663 | DOI:10.1016/j.jfma.2021.11.001
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This study deals with arsenic exposure and associated increased lifetime cancer risk for populations in arsenic-endemic regions of rural Bengal, where arsenic-safe drinking water is being supplied at present. We found a median total exposure of inorganic arsenic to be 2. 9 μg/Kg BW/day (5th and 95th percentiles were 1.1 μg/Kg BW/day and 7.9 μg/Kg BW/day); with major contribution from cooked rice intake (2.4 µg/Kg BW/day). A significant number of households drank arsenic safe water but used arsenic-rich water for rice cooking. As a result, 67% participants had inorganic arsenic intake above the JEFCA threshol...
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CONCLUSIONS: Lyme Neuroborreliosis accounts for a small proportion of paediatric stroke even in an endemic country. The strong predilection towards posterior cerebral circulation with clinical occurrence of brainstem signs associated with meningeal symptoms and CSF lymphocytosis are suggestive features that should rapidly point to the diagnosis. This can confirmed by appropriate serological testing in the serum and CSF. Clinicians must be aware of this rare neurological complication of Lyme disease that demands specific antibiotic treatment. PMID: 29208342 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: European Journal of Paediatric Neurology - Category: Neurology Authors: Tags: Eur J Paediatr Neurol Source Type: research
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