Plain packaging 'may help smokers to cut down'

Conclusion This small study showed that priming adult smokers with a picture of a branded cigarette packet causes more of them to seek cigarettes compared with unbranded cigarettes – around 10% more. But this study has problems, meaning we can't really rely on its findings. The biggest of these was fully acknowledged by the study authors themselves. Professor Marcus Munafò, a co-author of the study, explained: "The experimental procedure only modelled the ability of pack stimuli to promote a cigarette-seeking choice. In the natural environment, smoking may be governed by a whole range of factors, including tobacco withdrawal, the presence of other people smoking, time of day, and so on. It is not clear to what extent plain packaging will reduce smoking when these other factors are at play.” The biggest real-world experiment is already happening in Australia, where plain packaging was introduced by law in 2012. The wider evidence showing whether plain packaging reduces smoking-related death and disease in adults or children was not discussed in this study, so we cannot comment. Taken on its own, this specific study adds weak evidence to the debate. There may be stronger evidence elsewhere. On this point, the Addiction journal's editor-in-chief, Professor Robert West, said in the BBC article: "All the pieces are building the same picture, which is that it is going to have a reduction; none of the studies are pointing in the other direction....
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ADDICTIONS are all-consuming. They fill up your every emptiness and at the age of 28 my emptiness was cavernous. I was doing a job I despised, earning a small fortune running a dodgy telesales company in London. My situation was made worse by the knowledge that I wasn ’t pursuing my vocation to work in the theatre.
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Cancer cell dependence on activated oncogenes is therapeutically targeted, but acquired resistance is virtually unavoidable. Here we show that the treatment of addicted melanoma cells with BRAF inhibitors, and of breast cancer cells with HER2-targeted drugs, led to an adaptive rise in neuropilin-1 (NRP1) expression, which is crucial for the onset of acquired resistance to therapy. Moreover, NRP1 levels dictated the efficacy of MET oncogene inhibitors in addicted stomach and lung carcinoma cells. Mechanistically, NRP1 induced a JNK-dependent signaling cascade leading to the upregulation of alternative effector kinases EGFR ...
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Conclusion As you can see, CBD oil offers numerous advantages. It’s efficient against many health issues, and there are other benefits yet to be discovered. It’s a fact that bulk CBD is going to be really important in the future.You've read 7 Little-Known Benefits of CBD Oil, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you've enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.
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When it comes to your beverage of choice, alcoholic beverages are unique. For millions, they are a regular part of the dining experience. They’re often an important component of social events, celebrations, and milestones; we toast people, events, and memories with alcohol. They play a key role in many religious traditions. And, of course, the alcoholic beverage industry is a major economic force, responsible for more than $220 billion in sales annually in the US. And all of this is true despite the well-known and well-publicized risks of drinking too much alcohol. The negative effects of alcohol It should be a surpr...
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Publication date: September 2018Source: Seminars in Cell &Developmental Biology, Volume 81Author(s): Kacey VanderVorst, Jason Hatakeyama, Anastasia Berg, Hyun Lee, Kermit L. CarrawayAbstractWhile the mutational activation of oncogenes drives tumor initiation and growth by promoting cellular transformation and proliferation, increasing evidence suggests that the subsequent re-engagement of largely dormant developmental pathways contributes to cellular phenotypes associated with the malignancy of solid tumors. Genetic studies from a variety of model organisms have defined many of the components that maintain epithelial p...
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Authors: Bhattacharya S, Piya S, Borthakur G Abstract Cancer cells are addicted to mutations that cause gain of function in oncogenes and loss of function in tumor suppressors, so that these cells are reliant on aberrant signaling pathways and transcription. Protein-protein and DNA-protein interactions that cause chromatin remodeling are another source of the deregulation of critical signaling and transcriptional regulators, altering epigenetic signatures and creating additional vulnerabilities. Owing to mutations in multiple epigenetic regulators in hematologic malignancies, cancer cells are highly addicted to alt...
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Induction of mitochondria-controlled (intrinsic) apoptosis is a mainstay of current anti-neoplastic chemotherapies. Activation of this death pathway is counteracted by BCL-2-like proteins, which functionally set the threshold for apoptosis and determine whether malignant cells are sensitive or resistant to anti-cancer treatments. Hence, unlocking the intrinsic apoptotic cascade and promoting the cell's commitment to undergo apoptosis concordantly promotes efficacy of anti-cancer treatments. Here, we show that hyperosmotic stress enforces addiction of colorectal cancer cells to BCL-XL, thereby exhausting the protective capa...
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Hippo signaling dysfunction induces cancer cell addiction to YAP, Published online: 01 August 2018; doi:10.1038/s41388-018-0419-5Hippo signaling dysfunction induces cancer cell addiction to YAP
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