Delays in Obtaining Knee MRI in Pediatric Sports Medicine: Impact of Insurance Type

This study sought to report on the impact of insurance type on access to and results of knee MRI in pediatric sports medicine patients. Methods: A retrospective review of 178 consecutive pediatric sports medicine clinics was completed. Inclusion criteria: patients younger than 18 years, routine knee MRI ordered, sports medicine diagnosis, and insurance. Data included basic demographics, injury date, date and location (urgent care vs. clinic) of the first presentation, details of MRI ordering and approval, date and location of MRI follow-up, MRI results (negative, minor findings, major findings), and eventual treatment required. Results: A total of 168 charts underwent a complete review. The patients’ average age was 14±3 years and 54% (N=90) were female. Ninety-eight had government insurance and 70 had commercial insurance. The time between injury and MRI completion was significantly longer with government insurance (34 vs. 67 d, P
Source: Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics - Category: Orthopaedics Tags: Knee Source Type: research

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ConclusionsThis first exploration of functional placental assessment in a cohort of women with PPROM demonstrates that functional placental MRI can reveal a range of placental changes associated with inflammatory processes. It is a promising tool to gain information and in the future to identify inflammation in vivo, and could therefore assist in improving optimal timing for interventions designed to prevent fetal injury.
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No abstract available
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CONCLUSIONS: It is evaluated that the morphometric measurement is of importance in contributing clinically in distinguishing the problems that may occur according to gender and acromion types.PMID:34545562 | DOI:10.5603/FM.a2021.0087
Source: Folia Morphologica - Category: Anatomy Authors: Source Type: research
Conclusion Our studies showed that there are correlations between T1 mapping of atrial tissue, biomarkers, and atrial mechanics evaluated with transthoracic echocardiography. Our findings are significant as they demonstrate the compatibility of these techniques for the atrial fibrosis evaluation.PMID:34544218 | DOI:10.3906/sag-2103-194
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Endocr J. 2021 Sep 18. doi: 10.1507/endocrj.EJ21-0340. Online ahead of print.ABSTRACTA 28-year-old Japanese woman positive for TSH receptor antibody and anti-nuclear antibody complained of difficulty seeing nearby objects, severe throbbing retro-orbital pain, diplopia, blepharoptosis and upward gaze palsy when she became hypothyroid during treatment with 30 mg methylmercaptoimidazole for Graves' hyperthyroidism. Brain magnetic resonance imaging revealed slightly swollen bilateral inferior rectus muscles, suggesting the external ophthalmoplegia due to the muscle pathology commonly encountered in Graves' disease. The retro-o...
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CONCLUSIONS: This work presents the first meta-analysis of the value of iopMRI in epilepsy surgery. Its use resulted in an improvement of the desired extent of resection and led to a better seizure outcome compared to conventional surgery. Understanding its benefits might help improve surgical strategies in traditional, open epilepsy surgery.PMID:34545734 | DOI:10.23736/S0390-5616.21.05460-6
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AbstractThe interthalamic adhesion (IA) is a midline structure connecting the two thalami. Though it has been studied for centuries its exact function remains elusive. Early studies had noted its peculiar absence even among some healthy individuals. Population studies have investigated the differences in prevalence of IA in pathologic conditions and healthy controls. However, there is a general lack of consensus on IA prevalence in the healthy population. Understanding the true prevalence is critical in providing context for future studies, as well as uncovering further clues regarding IA ’s function. We systematical...
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AbstractNetwork models based on structural connectivity have been increasingly used as the blueprint for large-scale simulations of the human brain. As the nodes of this network are distributed through the cortex and interconnected by white matter pathways with different characteristics, modeling the associated conduction delays becomes important. The goal of this study is to estimate and characterize these delays directly from the brain structure. To achieve this, we leveraged microstructural measures from a combination of advanced magnetic resonance imaging acquisitions and computed the main determinants of conduction ve...
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AbstractVoluntary apnea showcases extreme human adaptability in trained individuals like professional free divers. We evaluated the psychological and physiological adaptation and the functional cerebral changes using electroencephalography (EEG) and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to 6.5  min of dry static apnea performed by a world champion free diver. Compared to resting state at baseline, breath holding was characterized by increased EEG power and functional connectivity in the alpha band, along with decreased delta band connectivity. fMRI connectivity was increased within the d efault mode network (DM...
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