P17 Examining attitudes toward abortion: Do people ’s attitudes change when considering gestational age and fetal development?

Objectives: Since the 1970 ’s, the General Social Survey (GSS) has assessed US adults’ abortion attitudes via seven items examining specific scenarios (eg, rape, financial reasons, any reason). These data indicate general support for abortion and suggest attitudes have remained relatively stable. However, these items do n ot account for gestational age of the pregnancy. Given the increase in legislation restricting abortion based on gestational age (eg, six-weeks) and fetal development (eg, fetal pain), we re-assessed the GSS items, adding both gestational age and specific fetal development markers that are often ref erenced in legislation.
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CONCLUSIONS: This review provides low-certainty evidence that forceps may be more likely to achieve vaginal birth and have lower rates of fetal trauma, but at a greater risk of perineal trauma and higher pain relief requirements compared with vacuum cups. There was low-certainty evidence that rigid vacuum cups may be more likely to achieve a vaginal birth than soft cups but with more fetal trauma, whilst handheld vacuum cups had similar success rates compared to other cups. There was no evidence of a difference in the rates of third- or fourth-degree tears or postpartum haemorrhages between types of cups, but wide confiden...
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CONCLUSIONS: A single dose of paracetamol may improve perineal pain relief following vaginal birth, and may reduce the need for additional pain relief. Potential adverse effects for both women and neonates were not appropriately assessed. Any further trials should also address the gaps in evidence concerning maternal outcomes such as satisfaction with postnatal care, maternal functioning/well-being (emotional attachment, self-efficacy, competence, autonomy, confidence, self-care, coping skills) and neonatal drug adverse effects.PMID:34559424 | DOI:10.1002/14651858.CD008407.pub3
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Nat Rev Endocrinol. 2021 Sep 23. doi: 10.1038/s41574-021-00553-7. Online ahead of print.ABSTRACTParacetamol (N-acetyl-p-aminophenol (APAP), otherwise known as acetaminophen) is the active ingredient in more than 600 medications used to relieve mild to moderate pain and reduce fever. APAP is widely used by pregnant women as governmental agencies, including the FDA and EMA, have long considered APAP appropriate for use during pregnancy when used as directed. However, increasing experimental and epidemiological research suggests that prenatal exposure to APAP might alter fetal development, which could increase the risks of so...
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When Joe Silverman developed Crohn’s disease at age 21, the symptoms started out mild. While the sight of blood in his stools initially freaked him out, what really bothered him was the frequent abdominal pain and bloating that occurred as his condition progressed to moderate and then severe. Dietary changes didn’t make a difference, so he began taking prescription oral anti-inflammatory drugs that are often used to treat certain bowel diseases, which alleviated but didn’t eliminate his discomfort. He started using prescription steroid suppositories to cope with flare-ups of the inflammatory bowel disease...
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Jewel Pfaffroth could barely move while she pumped. She had struggled since her son was born in April to produce breast milk—he was underweight at his first doctor’s appointment, and she immediately had to supplement with formula. Her doctor had recommended she sit at specific angles while she pumped—“to let gravity do its thing”—but those positions caused her such intense backaches that she couldn’t do basic things like carrying her baby. Yet despite the debilitating pain, she was pumping twice a day to create less than one-tenth of what her son ate. It was crucial to her that he ...
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This study sought to reach a consensus on the essential components of PPGP management through an international Delphi survey of experts in women's health.
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ConclusionsEight out of ten chiropractic websites mentioned one or more non-MSK diagnoses or symptoms. It is unclear if this reflects inaccurate communication or if treatments for non-MSK conditions are provided by the chiropractors.
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This study aims to systematically review and synthesize the evidence on the safety data from the published COVID-19 vaccine trials. This study followed PRISMA guidelines. We searched three major electronic databases (PubMed, Embase, and Google Scholar) for published studies between Dec 2019 and 2020. Eligible study designs were randomized trials and pre-and post-intervention evaluations. Descriptive findings of included studies were reported stratified by target population, setting, outcomes, and overall results. From PubMed, Embase, WHO database, and Google Scholar screened titles and abstracts, 11 studies were identified...
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This study compared approximately 390,000 people who received the Company’s single-shot COVID-19 vaccine versus approximately 1.52 million unvaccinated people matched on age, sex, time, three-digit zip code, and comorbidities and predictors for COVID-19 infection severity.This study is a longitudinal cohort design, using robust propensity matching methods to create a comparator cohort to assess real-world VE. All analyses were performed using the Aetion Evidence Platform, which is a scientifically validated software that is also used by regulators, payers, and health technology assessment bodies to assess the safety,...
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Conclusions: There is evidence of moderate quality that music therapy improves anxiety, pain, and satisfaction scores among infertile women undergoing ART. Moreover, it increases the clinical pregnancy rate but without statistical significance. More trials with a larger sample size are needed to investigate the influence of music therapy on the clinical outcomes of ART.PMID:34546118 | DOI:10.1080/0167482X.2021.1977277
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