Atypical Case of Floaters in a Young Girl ’s Eye

A 12-year-old girl with a history of myopia presented to the emergency department complaining of floaters in her right eye for the past 2 weeks, along with new, sharp headaches in a headband distribution, exacerbated by lights, sounds, and neck flexion. What would you do next?
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We present two patients with keratoconus who referred to our department after a PKP combined with the implantation of an intrastromal ring. The first patient suffered from bulbar pain and headaches. The second patient suffered from postoperative high myopia, irregular astigmatism and was contact lens intolerant. In the first patient we recognized anterior movement of the ring inside the stroma and decided to remove it. The second patient was found to have extreme bulging of the transplant. We removed the ring and sequentially performed a repeat-PKP. In both patients the implantation of the ring failed to decrease the posto...
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CONCLUSION: Screening for ametropia might occur earlier if it is associated with pediatric monitoring in our regions. PMID: 31235321 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Conclusion: This is the first report that identified and described bilateral transient myopia, retinal folds, and focus choroidal delay secondary the use of Cefalium.
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Rationale: Cases of bilateral acute angle closure have been reported after use of various drugs. Patient concerns: A 52-year-old woman visited the emergency room and complained of acute bilateral ocular pain and decreased vision accompanied by headache, nausea, and vomiting. One day before, she had started a herbal medicine containing Ma-huang for weight loss. On examinations, myopic shift, edematous cornea, increased intraocular pressure, shallow anterior chamber, and thickened choroid on both eyes were observed. Diagnoses: Angle closure glaucoma induced by drug (Ma-huang). Interventions: To promptly quit the o...
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Conclusion: Idiosyncratic drug reactions resulting in ciliochoroidal effusion, secondary angle closure, and transient myopia are well described, but they have not been previously reported with zolmitriptan use. An awareness of the various potential causative agents is important, as findings are generally reversible if recognized early and if the offending drug is discontinued.
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CONCLUSIONS: Situs inversus of the optic nerve is a rare condition that may appear in isolation or accompanied by other pathologies. Application of the visual field test and new diagnostic techniques, such as optical coherence tomography, facilitates the differential diagnosis of this situation. Its prevalence remains unknown, as it is not included in the register of rare diseases. Moreover, the scant number of patients studied and the scarce literature on this anomaly do not allow us to know whether the defects it causes develop over time. It would therefore be important to perform an ophthalmological follow-up of patient...
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Nervous system pathways connect vision and dental occlusion.1 Dysfunctional trigeminal afferents from lesions in the masticatory muscles or the temporo-mandibular joint affect binocular function resulting in strabismus, myopia and, sometimes, headache.1 It is possible that such conditions are depicted in a 16th century painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder (ca 1525-1569). In “The Adoration of the Kings” (1564, London National Gallery, UK), a male figure wearing spectacles for myopia is depicted on the extreme right of the canvas; he is symbolically interpreted as the indication that those around Christ are blin...
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A recent study predicted half the world's population will be nearsighted by 2050. Symptoms of myopia can include headaches, eyestrain and squinting. Dr. Christopher Starr, ophthalmologist at Weill Cornell Medical Center, joins "CBS This Morning" discuss what's behind the rising numbers.
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I’ve noticed a frightening trend occurring around the world. Instances of eye problems are increasing with rapid numbers. Problems like myopia – once thought to be genetic – are going up exponentially with each passing year. Many eye diseases have no early symptoms. You may not see a change in your vision until the disease has become advanced. Are Eye Problems Genetic? We have to look at the bigger picture here… eye problems aren’t always genetic, and there are changes in our environment that are having a negative impact on our eyesight. Serious Eye Problems That Affects Your Vision One area ...
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We are pioneers in a new world -- the digital world. As we seek to plant flags on new tech summits, it is important to be aware of the health risks involved in navigating this unknown and rocky terrain. Technology-induced accidents notwithstanding, the gadgets have already produced a variety of physical and mental maladies among the general public, which have been unknown or hitherto restricted to specific occupations. Living and working in the digital world entails long hours of sitting in one position, and requires movement of no part of the body other than the fingers. Such sedentary lifestyle is known to cause metab...
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