Familial non-medullary thyroid cancer: a critical review

AbstractBackgroundFamilial non-medullary thyroid carcinoma (FNMTC), mainly of papillary histotype (FPTC), is defined by the presence of the disease in two or more first-degree relatives in the absence of other known familial syndromes. With the increasing incidence of PTC in the recent years, the familial form of the disease has also become more common than previously reported and constitutes nearly 10% of all thyroid cancers. Many aspects of FNMTC are debated, concerning both clinical and genetic aspects. Several studies reported that, in comparison with sporadic PTCs, FPTCs are more aggressive at disease presentation, while other authors reported no differences in the clinical behavior of sporadic and familial PTCs. For this reason, recent guidelines do not recommend screening of family members of patients with diagnosis of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC). FNMTC is described as a polygenic disorder associated with multiple low- to moderate-penetrance susceptibility genes and incomplete penetrance. At the moment, the genetic factors contributing to the development of FNMTC remain poorly understood, though many putative genes have been proposed in the recent years.PurposeBased on current literature and our experience with FNMTC, in this review, we critically discussed the most relevant controversies, including its definition, the genetic background and some clinical aspects as screening and treatment.
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Authors: Boukheris H, Bettayeb A, Anderson LA, Achour Z, Benbachir FZ, Attar S, Saim H, Rouigeb K, Berber N Abstract Over the last three decades, the incidence of thyroid cancer has increased worldwide. The reasons for this increase remain controversial. In Algeria, however, to date, information on thyroid cancer has been limited to a hospital-based case series. We analyzed data from a population-based cohort study in Oran District, Algeria, to describe demographic and clinicopathological characteristics of patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer between 1993 and 2013. Medical records and pathology reports of thyroi...
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Chung Tae Hyuk Kim The optimal initial surgical extent for medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) remains controversial. Previous studies on serum calcitonin are limited to reporting the calcitonin threshold according to anatomical disease burden. Here, we evaluated whether preoperative calcitonin levels can be used to predict optimal surgical extent. We retrospectively reviewed the 170 patients with MTC at a tertiary Korean hospital from 1994 to 2019. We extracted data on preoperative calcitonin level, primary tumor size and the number and location of lymph node metastases (LNMs). To evaluate disease extent, we divided ...
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In this study, we retrospectively reviewed nodularity and malignancy following thyroid surgery in a high-risk population with high thyroid cancer rates. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Out of 1,007 thyroid patients either referred to or operated on at Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital between January 1995 and December 2003, 460 patients with readily available data were included in the study. RESULTS: Of the 460 patients, 74.9% were female and 25.1% were male. The mean age of female patients operated on due to thyroid nodules was 43.7 years (SD: 14.7; range: 12-81) and 47.1 years for males (SD: 14.6; range: 14-80...
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CONCLUSIONS: The interaction between the BRAF and NOTCH pathways demonstrates that BRAFV600E mutation might bypass NOTCH and exert a strong positive effect on NOTCH downstream targets in thyroid carcinoma. PMID: 33012268 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Piek MW, Postma EL, van Leeuwaarde R, de Boer JP, Bos AME, Lok C, Stokkel M, Filipe M, van der Ploeg IMC Abstract Introduction Thyroid cancer is one of the most common carcinomas diagnosed in adolescents and young adults (AYA), with a rapidly rising incidence over the past three decades. Surgery is the standard treatment for patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC), and when indicated, followed by radioactive iodine (RAI) treatment. The aim of this study was to evaluate the possible effects of RAI therapy on ovarian function and fertility in women. Methods The PubMed, Embase and Web of Science ...
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r D Abstract The treatment of radioiodine-refractory differentiated thyroid carcinoma (rrDTC) and medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) remains challenging. Based on phase III clinical studies, four multi-kinase inhibitors (MKI) are approved for the treatment of progressive thyroid cancer in Germany. The indications for starting systemic treatment remain a challenge as the diseases can be stable and asymptomatic over long periods of time. In contrast, MKI treatment, which slows the disease progression but is not curative, is often associated with side effects that can impair quality of life. For this reason, an a...
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CONCLUSIONS: Blood polyphenol concentrations were mostly not associated with differentiated TC risk in women, although our study raises the possibility that high blood concentrations of caffeic, 3,4-dihydroxyphenylpropionic, and ferulic acids may be related to a lower papillary TC risk. PMID: 33021645 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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We are witnessing a rapid worldwide increase in the incidence of papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) in the last thirty years. Extensive implementation of cancer screening and wide availability of neck ultrasound or other imaging studies is the main reason responsible for this phenomenon. It resulted in a detection of a growing number of clinically asymptomatic PTCs, mainly low-risk tumors, without any beneficial impact on survival. An indolent nature of low-risk PTC, particularly papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (PTMC), and the excellent outcomes raise an ongoing discussion regarding the adequacy of treatment applied. The q...
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Conclusion: We report a rare case of parotid EMC with a second primary lung adenocarcinoma. This case is the third case of primary lung cancer associated with parotid EMC reported to date and the first to be reported in nearly 30 years.
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