Oral and Intestinal Microbial Features in Pregnant Women with Hypothyroidism and Their Correlations with Pregnancy Outcomes.

CONCLUSION: There were significant differences in the oral and intestinal microbiota between pregnant women with hypothyroidism and normal pregnant women. The changes of microbiota is one of the factors influencing the occurrence and development of hypothyroidism during pregnancy. PMID: 33017219 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism - Category: Physiology Authors: Tags: Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab Source Type: research

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This study examined the contribution of long-term use of Lipiodol capsules, as a supplement to iodized salt to the control of iodine deficiency disorders among women in Xinjiang of China. A total of 1220 women (women of childbearing age who were neither pregnant nor lactating, pregnant women, and lactating women) across Kashgar, Aksu, Turpan, and Yili Prefectures were surveyed in 2017. Lipiodol capsules were administered twice yearly in Kashgar and once yearly in Aksu and Turpan, but not in Yili. Urinary iodine concentration (UIC), FT3, FT4, TgAb, TPOAb, and thyroid volume values were assessed. All the women in the four ar...
Source: The British Journal of Nutrition - Category: Nutrition Authors: Tags: Br J Nutr Source Type: research
Conclusions: Compared with the 2011 ATA guidelines, the 2017 ATA guidelines could be more applicable to Chinese pregnant women to screen the effects of SCH on the majority of adverse pregnancy outcomes.
Source: Frontiers in Endocrinology - Category: Endocrinology Source Type: research
Authors: Halczuk KM, Boguszewska K, Urbaniak SK, Szewczuk M, Karwowski BT Abstract The thyroid is not necessary to sustain life. However, thyroid hormones (TH) strongly affect the human body. Functioning of the thyroid gland affects the reproductive capabilities of women and men, as well as fertilization and maintaining a pregnancy. For the synthesis of TH, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is necessary. From the chemical point of view, TH is a reactive oxygen species (ROS) and serves as an oxidative stress (OS) promoter. H2O2 concentration in the thyroid gland is much higher than in other tissues. Therefore, the thyroid is...
Source: The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine - Category: Universities & Medical Training Tags: Yale J Biol Med Source Type: research
Effect of thyroxine treatment on pregnancy outcomes in infertile Japanese women with TSH levels between 2.5 μIU/mL and the upper reference limit: a retrospective study. Endocr J. 2020 Oct 01;: Authors: Tsunemi A, Uchida T, Kuroda K, Ikemoto Y, Ochiai A, Goto H, Sugiyama R, Satoh H, Itakura A, Watada H Abstract Recent randomized controlled studies have revealed that levothyroxine (LT4) treatment improves pregnancy outcomes only in infertile women with subclinical hypothyroidism who have thyroid autoantibodies (TAs), but not for those with high TSH levels within the normal range who have TAs. Here, we...
Source: Endocrine Journal - Category: Endocrinology Tags: Endocr J Source Type: research
AbstractSelenium (Se), an essential trace element, is inserted as selenocysteine into an array of functional proteins and forms the core of various enzymes that play a cardinal role in antioxidant defense mechanisms, in redox regulation, and in thyroid hormone metabolism. Variations in plasma Se are due to nutritional habits, geographic and ethnic differences, and probably to genetic polymorphisms, the latter still to be conclusively established. Se concentrations were reported to be low in women of reproductive age in the UK, decreasing further during pregnancy, this resulting in low plasma and placental antioxidant enzym...
Source: Thyroid Research - Category: Endocrinology Source Type: research
ConclusionHere we demonstrate the first known case of successful elective induction of vaginal delivery and transsphenoidal intervention in a near full term gravid patient presenting with pituitary apoplexy and acute SARS-CoV-2 infection. Further reports may help determine if there is a causal relationship or if these events are unrelated. Close adherence to guidelines for caregivers can greatly reduce risk of infection.
Source: Pituitary - Category: Endocrinology Source Type: research
Contributors : A Hirata ; R J Almeida ; L A Rocha ; P Varela ; L S Bacigalupo ; F S Curi ; A G Rodrigues ; M C Albejante ; L M Silva ; V A Silva ; J B Pesquero ; H Delle ; C P CamachoSeries Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencingOrganism : Homo sapiensThese libraries reflect a part of a large study. We construct transcriptome libraries, using whole blood circulating RNAs, of four healthy pregnancy (CTL) and preeclamptic women (PEC). In the manuscript, we perform an edgeR three-group analysis comparing the libraries of healthy thyroid pregnancy (HTP), gestational hypothyroidism (GHT) and preeclampsia (PEC)...
Source: GEO: Gene Expression Omnibus - Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Tags: Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing Homo sapiens Source Type: research
Thyroid autoimmunity (TAI) and subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH) have been associated with poor pregnancy and fetal outcomes. However, whether euthyroid women with anti-thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAb) posit...
Source: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth - Category: OBGYN Authors: Tags: Research article Source Type: research
Congenital goiter (CG) is one of the rarest disorders observed in a newborn at birth diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Considering the simultaneity of pregnancy and baby's hypothyroidism at birth, the goiter can be caused by diabetes during pregnancy and hypothyroidism emergence in the baby. AbstractCongenital goiter (CG) is one of the rarest disorders observed in a newborn at birth diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Considering the simultaneity of pregnancy and baby's hypothyroidism at birth, the goiter can be caused by diabetes during pregnancy and hypothyroidism emergence in the baby.
Source: Clinical Case Reports - Category: General Medicine Authors: Tags: CASE REPORT Source Type: research
CONCLUSION: Levothyroxine use during pregnancy was associated with 1.5-times higher risk for preeclampsia, but it is also linked to the other comorbid risk factors. PMID: 32787605 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Hypertension in Pregnancy - Category: OBGYN Tags: Hypertens Pregnancy Source Type: research
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