Novavax Enters Final Stage of Coronavirus Vaccine Trials

The Maryland company, which has never brought a vaccine to market, has started its Phase 3 trial in the United Kingdom, with plans to begin in the United States in October.
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Kizzmekia Corbett joins TWiV to review her career and her work on respiratory syncytial virus, influenza virus, and coronaviruses and coronavirus vaccines, including her role in development and testing of a spike-encoding mRNA vaccine, and then we review the Nobel Prize for discovery of hepatitis C virus. Click arrow to playDownload TWiV 670 (76 MB .mp3, […]
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While the world awaits a proven COVID-19 vaccine, medical experts are turning their attention to a shot that’s long been a key component in the public health toolbox: the flu vaccine. Experts hope this year’s flu shot can help prevent an influenza epidemic paired with another wave of coronavirus, which could overwhelm hospitals and lead to general confusion, given that it can be difficult to tell a COVID-19 infection from a case of the flu. This flu season is also something of a dress rehearsal for the eventual rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine amid the ongoing pandemic, allowing doctors, nurses and pharmacists a c...
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With fears of a “twindemic” in the United States this fall, here’s a guide to understanding what’s making you feel terrible.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced multiple new threats for physical and mental health. The novel coronavirus itself continues to infect more than 30,000 Americans as we enter the influenza season. The pandemic, economic devastation, and racial reckoning have led to a tripling of emotional distress. Essential preventive services such as cancer screenings,  childhood vaccination, maintenance visits for […]Find jobs at  Careers by  Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now.  Learn more.
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An improved understanding of human T cell-mediated immunity in COVID-19 is important for optimizing therapeutic and vaccine strategies. Experience with influenza shows that infection primes CD8+ T cell memory to peptides presented by common HLA types like HLA-A2, which enhances recovery and diminishes clinical severity upon reinfection. Stimulating peripheral blood...
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Abstract Infectious viruses pose a threat to all living organisms, including humans, and can cause significant morbidity. Previous experience with pigs in medical education and research, rather than in domestic control settings, has led to a unique perspective on viral infections in swine. In this article, common porcine infectious diseases have been listed, based mainly on the authors' experience thus far. For example, young domestic pigs that were used in surgical training and infected with hepatitis E were subjected to quarantine and isolation treatment, and attempts were made to develop a DNA vaccine for swine...
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We present advances in modeling techniques that have led to fundamental disease discoveries and impacted clinical translation.Recent FindingsCombining mechanistic models and machine learning algorithms has led to improvements in the treatment ofShigella and tuberculosis through the development of novel compounds. Modeling of the epidemic dynamics of malaria at the within-host and between-host level has afforded the development of more effective vaccination and antimalarial therapies. Similarly, in-host and host-host models have supported the development of new HIV treatment modalities and an improved understanding of the i...
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Flu season could be like no other this year and a national campaign to promote the flu vaccine is urgent, say scientistsA national public health campaign promoting the flu vaccine is urgently needed to avoid stretched healthcare services being overwhelmed this winter as the US faces cold season while still struggling to gain control of the coronavirus pandemic, scientists have warned.Influenza or seasonal flu is a perennial public health burden that, like Covid-19, causes most severe problems among elderly people and those with underlying health conditions.Continue reading...
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In this study, we aimed to decode molecular signatures and pathways of the host cells in response to SARS-CoV-2 and the rapid identification of repurposable drugs using bioinformatics and network biology strategies. We have analyzed available transcriptomic RNA-seq COVID-19 data to identify differentially expressed genes (DEGs). We detected 177 DEGs specific for COVID-19 where 122 were upregulated and 55 were downregulated compared to control (FDR
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