Exposomal Research in the Context of Birth Cohorts - What have they taught us?

Exposomal Research in the Context of Birth Cohorts - What have they taught us? Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2020 Sep 11;: Authors: Baluch N, Gallant M, Ellis AK Abstract OBJECTIVE: Exposome encompasses all human environmental exposures from conception onwards. The impact of environmental exposures is greatest in critical stages of life including fetal and early childhood. Birth cohorts provide a good study setting to assess exposome in the sensitive periods of life. Here, we review birth cohorts with an exposomic approach, their key outcomes and challenges. DATA SOURCES: MEDLINE was searched for birth cohorts that have employed an exposomic approach. Study Selections Relevant studies in English language were selected and reviewed. RESULTS: The outcomes of birth cohorts with an exposomic approach improve our understanding of the association between environmental exposures and childhood diseases. For example, results from The Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Study suggest an association between first trimester exposure to traffic-related air pollution and increased risk of allergic sensitization at 12 months of age (P=0.6). 1 In a smaller Canadian birth cohort study, it was demonstrated that regular use of air fresheners (adjusted P=.04) and presence of mold in the residence (adjusted P
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What follows is a breakdown of the symptoms of allergies, cold and flu, along with what we know so far about COVID. My hope is that this will provide parents with a quick checklist that can help assess what their child may be experiencing so they can then pursue the appropriate treatment. Allergies Allergies occur when the body perceives certain particles, like dust or pollen, as foreign invaders. Allergies often arise if a child did not experience much exposure (say, to pets or pollen) growing up, or the predisposition can be passed down genetically. While these tiny particles are not necessarily a threat to health, the b...
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Conclusion Maternal smoking during pregnancy is associated with the cumulative incidence of asthma in offspring between the ages of 31 and 46 years. The association was accentuated in offspring who at age 31, reported having past respiratory problems and/or who had haplotype rs11702779-AA. A reduction in FEV1/FVC ratio was also observed at age 31 years in offspring with gestational smoke exposure. These results could reflect the early vulnerability of offspring's airways to ETS and its putative long-term effects.
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Transcript [00:00:00] Agatha: Hi!  It’s Agatha Luczo.  Welcome to “Mom Driven, Dr. Aligned”.  Dr. Alan Greene and I were just on with the HeyMama Community doing a Q&A about COVID-19.  Dr. Greene gave us such amazing advice and tips about how to deal with immunity health and how to take care of ourselves during this time. And some advice I haven’t heard anywhere else. I’m excited to bring all of the conversation to our family and friends.  [00:00:36] Dr. Greene:  Wonderful to get to be with the HeyMama Community. I’ve gotten a bunch of questions already that...
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(CNN) — The coronavirus has infected more than 100,000 people worldwide. With all of the news of event cancellations, empty flights and health precautions (wash your hands!), it’s natural that people may get a little anxious every time they feel a tickle in their throat or the beginnings of a bad cough. While the coronavirus is certainly something to take seriously, the chances of any individual person getting it are still low. But if you’re wondering whether that stuffy nose could end up being a worst case scenario, CNN talked to Dr. Greg Poland, a professor of medicine and Infectious diseases at the May...
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Conclusion: The prevalence of asthma among pregnant women in Ilorin is low. This present study will serve as a template for future studies on asthma and pregnancy in Nigeria Asthma definintions% 95CIPossible2.1%(1.3-3.1%)Current Diagnosed0.7%(0.2-1.3%)Doctor Diagnosed1.0%(0.5-1.7%
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Conclusion The results obtained from this research shows, in general, the fragility in the social and political infrastructure necessary to improve the living conditions of populations, particularly those that depend on family agriculture in drought prone areas. The conditions of social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities presented in the region can be amplified by the drought process, and can aggravate the impacts resulting drought events, thus disadvantaging the population of this region, as shown in the Fig. 1. The general perception of the interviewees of the health sector shows an agreement with what is found...
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Conclusions: Infant sneezing without colds predicted all allergy diseases at 6 years of age in a subtropical country. This highlights a potential non-invasive clue in a subtropical region for the early prediction, treatment and prevention of childhood allergy diseases in infancy. PMID: 29484145 [PubMed]
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This study accessed the patients information on demographic characteristics, physical signs and symptoms. Study population This is a cross-sectional and observational study carried out in Brazil during DENV and ZIKV epidemic occurred in 2016. Patients were assisted at the Healthy Unit UPA Coronel Antonino in Campo Grande, MS, Brazil from February to March of 2016. During the study 134 suspected arboviral infection cases were included and submitted to investigation. Patients presenting fever, rash during acute phase of infection (up to the 7th day after disease onset) followed by at least two of the following signals a...
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Conclusion: Ethyl-paraben, bisphenol A, 2,5-dichlorophenol, and DIDP tended to be associated with altered respiratory health, with ethyl-paraben and bisphenol A exhibiting some consistency across respiratory outcomes. The trends between bisphenol A pregnancy level and increased asthma and bronchiolitis/bronchitis rates in childhood were consistent with a previous cohort study. https://doi.org/10.1289/EHP1015 Received: 25 August 2016 Revised: 12 January 2017 Accepted: 26 January 2017 Published: 08 September 2017 Address correspondence to C. Vernet, Institute for Advanced Biosciences (IAB), Centre de Recherche INSERM&n...
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Conclusions: This study suggests that elemental sulfur use, allowed in both organic and conventional farming, in close proximity to residential areas, may adversely affect children’s respiratory health. https://doi.org/10.1289/EHP528 Received: 19 May 2016 Revised: 05 May 2017 Accepted: 09 May 2017 Published: 14 August 2017 Address correspondence to R. Raanan, Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health (CERCH), University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, 1995 University Ave., Suite 265, Berkeley, CA 94704 USA. Telephone: (510) 642-9431. Email: rachelraananrr@gmail.com Supplem...
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