Biden's Leading Contender for VP is a PA...Implications for Pain?

Former PA Training Instructor Elected to U.S. House of Representatives | Inside PA Training Congresswoman Karen Bass As strident as midterm election politics were this year, and whatever your political stripe, you'll probably be pleased to hear that the US House of Representatives will have its first PA in office when the 122nd Congress convenes this January. With
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I’ve struggled with professional identity from time to time, but after completing my PhD thesis looking at how people live well with pain, I’ve developed a new understanding of how occupational therapists add value in this area of practice. Occupational therapists joke that “no-one knows what an occupational therapist does” – and sadly, that’s true. It’s not because what we do isn’t important, it’s because our view of people and the way we work with people differs from most health professions. Occupational therapists don’t treat disease per se, we work with peo...
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Abstract What biological factors account for resilience to pain or to behavioral stress? Here, we discuss examples of cellular and molecular mechanisms within disparate parts of the nervous system as contributors to such resilience. In some especially well-studied humans, it is possible to identify particular neuronal cell types in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and pinpoint specific genes that are major contributors to pain resilience. We also discuss more complex factors that operate within the central nervous system (CNS) to confer resilience to behavioral stress. We propose that genetic and neurobiologica...
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Abstract Opioids play a pivotal role in pain transmission but are also able to modulate immune cell functions. In the last decades a connection between opioids and integrins-adhesion molecules involved, among many other processes, in leukocyte recruitment at inflamed site-has been established. To study immune cell integrin-mediated adhesion, cell adhesion assay is a simple, reproducible, and valuable tool capable of unraveling concentration-dependent effects of a test candidate on integrin-mediated cell adhesion. PMID: 32975797 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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We describe the induction of the CCI , isolation and culture of DRG neurons, performance of the patch clamp recordings, and identification of opioid-responding neurons. PMID: 32975795 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Abstract MOR expression levels at a specific cell type or tissue significantly contribute to its role in pain transmission and in other responses involving opioid receptors. Therefore, molecular processes regulating MOR levels have gained more and more interest. Recently, posttranscriptional regulation mechanisms have been shown to play a relevant role in influencing MOR expression levels, with polymorphisms and mutations within OPRM1 3'-UTR region impacting the differential opioid-mediated response observed within individuals. Here we report a Renilla luciferase reporter assay format suitable for dissecting the c...
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Authors: Liao YX, He SS, He ZM Abstract Transient paralysis following spinal decompression surgery is a rare but devastating postoperative complication. Spinal cord ischemia-reperfusion injury has been identified as one of the crucial pathogenic factors contributing to the sudden neurological deterioration associated with spinal decompression surgery. 'White cord syndrome' is a characteristic imaging manifestation of spinal cord ischemia-reperfusion injury, referring to high intramedullary signal changes in the sagittal T2-weighted MRI scan with unexplained neurological deficits following surgical decompression. Th...
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We report here that viable cells can be harvested from surgically removed, herniated disc tissue and can be potentially used in cell based therapy. Further, we have successfully replaced xenogenic supplements such as foetal bovine serum with either autologous serum or human platelet lysate for culturing IVD cells from patient's surgically removed disc tissue, without loss of any cell characteristics, including cell surface markers, growth factor secretion in the conditioned medium and osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation potential in vitro. The present work will not only contribute to overcoming some of the major ba...
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We report the results of an original surgical technique for the correction of this anatomical trap.
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the results of this surgery.
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ConclusionsThe rate of  litigation for clinical negligence in inguinal hernia surgery in the UK is increasing. Whilst there has been a recent increase in laparoscopic hernia repair claims, the volume and burden of claims related to open procedures remain greater.
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