Podcast: Debating ‘ Anti-Psychiatry ’ Advocacy

Conclusion, do not visit cardiologists. They will give you heart attacks. No, that’s ridiculous. It’s so mind blowing that anyone even said this, right? It’s just ugh. Obviously, people who are extremely sick and who are at risk of killing themselves get psychiatric care. No kidding. So, yeah, this is, in fact, very dangerous. Gabe: The word bullshit is not big enough. This is the literal equivalent of me saying that I looked at fifty thousand people who went to the hospital in the last year. And you were much more likely to die if you had a hospital admission. Now, I’m talking physical health now. Because I don’t know, sick people go to hospitals. They don’t seem to understand this. And they’re offering this up as if it’s a fact or meaningful in some way. These are sick people who sought out psychiatric care. No shit that they’re at higher risk of dying from a disease they were diagnosed with. They wrote exactly this, we are left to speculate what might be causing these striking numbers. This tells me, as a reasonable person, that we cannot trust them for anything. Because they’re left to speculate? Lisa: Right. Gabe: There is no speculation here. You know how in court, if you perjure yourself in one area, it is reasonable for the judge and jury to assume that all of your testimony is false? It is reasonable to assume they are lying if they lie about another material fact. They have just said we are left to speculat...
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