A Clinical Perspective on Advanced Developments in Bone Biopsy Assessment in Rare Bone Disorders

Discussion: To date, these techniques have only been used in research and not in daily clinical practice. Clinical application of bone quality assessment techniques depends upon several aspects such as availability of the technique in hospitals, the existence of reference data, and a cooperative network of researchers and clinicians. The evaluation of rare metabolic bone disorders requires a repertoire of different methods, owing to their distinct bone tissue characteristics. The broader use of bone material obtained from biopsies could provide much more information about pathophysiology or treatment options and establish bone biopsies as a valuable tool in rare metabolic bone diseases.
Source: Frontiers in Endocrinology - Category: Endocrinology Source Type: research

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Over half of the adult population consumes dietary supplements, according to one estimate. Choosing the right form of supplements based on the physiology of the patient, genetic variability (if possible), and lifestyle factors are important. Some supplements have poor bioavailability based on the chemical nature of an ingredient. These products should either be combined with ingredients or processed in a way to enhance bioavailability. The supplement should be able to disintegrate and dissolve in a specific amount of time. Knowledge of inactive ingredients is recommended to avoid unintended side effects. Suggestions to ass...
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Dairy products and milk play an important role in a healthy diet as they contribute to the intake of essential nutrients, high-quality proteins, and fats. Despite the large number of existing studies on the possible association between dairy products and chronic degenerative diseases, studies examining the effects of dairy products and milk on the risk of common causes of mortality such as cardiovascular and neoplastic diseases are scarce and conflicting. Some studies have reported an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases for individuals who consume large amounts of cheese, whereas others have shown no relationship bet...
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In a new clinical trial, researchers found that one type of intermittent fasting did help overweight and obese adults drop a couple of pounds over 12 weeks. But they fared no better than a comparison group who ate whenever they wanted.
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Publication date: Available online 28 September 2020Source: Mechanisms of Ageing and DevelopmentAuthor(s): Kan Xie, Marianna Kapetanou, Kyriaki Sidiropoulou, Daniele Bano, Efstathios S. Gonos, Aleksandra Mladenovic Djordjevic, Dan Ehninger
Source: Mechanisms of Ageing and Development - Category: Geriatrics Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 28 September 2020Source: Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral RadiologyAuthor(s): Chen Nadler, Susanne E. Perschbacher, Daniel Septon, Ragda Abdalla-Aslan, Michael Pharoah, Linda Lee
Source: Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology - Category: ENT & OMF Source Type: research
VITAMIN B12 deficiency symptoms may develop very slowly over a long period of time, and they can be difficult to spot. You could be at risk of the deficiency if you develop any of these tow sensations on the body. Should you consider adding more vitamin B12 foods to your diet?
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Publication date: Available online 28 September 2020Source: Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica BAuthor(s): Keqi Wang, Yongyan Chen, Shuo Gao, Maosi Wang, Mengmeng Ge, Qian Yang, Mingkai Liao, Lin Xu, Junjie Chen, Zhiping Zeng, Haifeng Chen, Xiao-kun Zhang, Ting Lin, Hu Zhou
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Losing weight can be difficult under any circumstances, but it can be especially difficult when you aren't feeling happy with yourself or your progress. The reality is, though, that being down on yourself or what you have accomplished so far can end up making the process even harder. The good news is, though, that you don't have to feel stuck in this situation. There can be many ways to change your outlook and start feeling more positive about the steps you're taking to be healthier and happier. Try New Things To Get a Boost Whether you just started working out and dieting and aren't seeing the progress that you thou...
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Surprisingly, weight loss was achieved without making other changes to diet or lifestyle. → Support PsyBlog for just $5 per month. Enables access to articles marked (M) and removes ads. → Explore PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean: Accept Yourself: How to feel a profound sense of warmth and self-compassion The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do
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This study aimed to compare clinical features in adult patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pneumonia to those in adult patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP).Methods: Clinical presentations, laboratory findings, imaging features, complications, treatment and outcomes were compared between patients with COVID-19 pneumonia and patients with CAP. The study group of patients with COVID-19 pneumonia consisted of 120 patients. One hundred and thirty-four patients with CAP were enrolled for comparison.Results: Patients with COVID-19 pneumonia had lower levels of abnormal laboratory parameters [white blood ...
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