Non-specific effects of rabies vaccine on the incidence of common infectious disease episodes: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

DiscussionDemonstration of a non-specific protective effect of rabies vaccine against unrelated respiratory, gastrointestinal and febrile illnesses would provide supportive evidence for the design of similar studies in children in populations with a high burden of these illnesses.Trial, ID:NCT03656198. Registered on 24 August 2018.
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Conclusion: Comprehensive health education related to zoonotic diseases is recommended to improve overall knowledge, including routes of transmission, symptoms and consequences of diseases, and antibiotic usage. In addition, guidance should be provided to farmers on how to treat sick animals, the appropriate use of antibiotics, and waste management. Local veterinarians and health workers are important contact points and should work closely with the farmers to prevent zoonotic diseases. PMID: 32733124 [PubMed]
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It wasn’t greed, or curiosity, that made Li Rusheng grab his shotgun and enter Shitou Cave. It was about survival. During Mao-era collectivization of the early 1970s, food was so scarce in the emerald valleys of southwestern China’s Yunnan province that farmers like Li could expect to eat meat only once a year–if they were lucky. So, craving protein, Li and his friends would sneak into the cave to hunt the creatures they could hear squeaking and fluttering inside: bats. Li would creep into the gloom and fire blindly at the vaulted ceiling, picking up any quarry that fell to the ground, while his companion...
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As the world reels from illnesses and deaths due to COVID-19, the race is on for a safe, effective, long-lasting vaccine to help the body block the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The three vaccine approaches discussed here are among the first to be tested clinically in the United States. How vaccines induce immunity: The starting line In 1796, in a pastoral corner of England, and during a far more feudal and ethically less enlightened time, Edward Jenner, an English country surgeon, inoculated James Phipps, his gardener’s eight-year-old son, with cowpox pustules obtained from the arm of a milkmaid. It was widely belie...
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CONCLUSION: The provision of eRIG did not lead to a measurable reduction of rabies burden in our study population. This underlines that improved access to active vaccines will be effective in reducing rabies deaths even if access to eRIG remains difficult in developing countries. A possible benefit of eRIG administration for severely exposed patients cannot be excluded based on these results. PMID: 32659281 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Conclusions/SignificanceThe evolution of the Laikipia Rabies Vaccination Campaign from a localized volunteer-effort to a large-scale program attempting to eliminate rabies at the landscape scale provides a unique opportunity to examine successes, failures, and challenges facing grassroots campaigns. Success, in the form of vaccinating more dogs across the study area, was relatively straightforward to achieve. However, lack of effective post-vaccination monitoring and education programs, limited funding, and working in diverse community types appeared to hinder achievement of 70% coverage levels. These results indicate that...
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Abstract Rabies is a fatal zoonotic disease endemic in developing countries of Asia and Africa. Recently, the direct rapid immunohistochemical test (DRIT) was recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) as a diagnostic test for rabies. Therefore, a biotinylated polyclonal antibody (pAb) against the rabies lyssavirus (RABV) nucleoprotein was developed using a plasmid cDNA vaccine derived from a challenge virus standard 11 strain. A preliminary evaluation on the efficacy of this reagent in recognizing the Philippine RABV strain was tested using banked canine ...
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Hi all, I am in need of the rabies vaccine series Rabavert or Ivomax in order to volunteer with a wildlife sanctuary. My insurance says they will cover it completely, as long as the place accepts my insurance. The only two places I have found that do it are Passport Health (does not accept any insurance at all - not an option) and Walgreens (not allowed to give any vaccinations right now due to COVID-19). Any hospital or primary care provider I call seems to have no idea what I'm talking... Where can I get rabies pre-exposure vaccines?
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emanová S, Benkő Z, Korytár Ľ Abstract Currently, Slovakia is a rabies-free country, but the epizootiological situation of rabies was not always favorable. The main reservoir species of rabies virus in the first half of the last century was the domestic dog. Since 1906, hundreds of cases were reported, of which approximately 90% were infected dogs. The disease had a typical urban character. Since 1929, the number of rabid domestic animals decreased due to the implementation of dog vaccination campaigns in particular parts of Slovakia. From the second half of 1950s, red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) have be...
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In this study, a replication-deficient human adenovirus 5 (Ad5)-vectored vaccine, rAd5-G-H, expressing RABV glycoprotein (G) and CDV hemagglutinin (H) protein was constructed. The RABV G and CDV H protein of rAd5-G-H were expressed and confirmed in infected HEK-293 cells by indirect immunofluorescence assay. The rAd5-G-H retained a homogeneous icosahedral morphology similar to rAd5-GFP under an electron microscope. A single dose of 108 GFU of rAd5-G-H administered to mice by intramuscular injection elicited rapid and robust neutralizing antibodies against RABV and CDV. Flow cytometry assays indicated that the dendritic cel...
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