A perspective on management of limb fractures in obese children: is it time for dedicated guidelines? - Donati F, Costici PF, De Salvatore S, Burrofato A, Micciulli E, Maiese A, Santoro P, La Russa R.

Limb fractures are the most common injuries in pediatric orthopedics. Early and late complications are often not preventable, even when providing the best treatment; furthermore, these injuries are largely implicated in medico-legal claims. The development...
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Had an interesting case recently, wondering how others would have tackled it: 72 yo M with poorly controlled HTN, IDDM, morbidly obese (190kg), pAF, CAD s/p remote CABG complicated by ischemic CM (LVEF 25% w/ RWMAs), post-capillary pulmonary HTN (mPAP ~50, R heart dilated and mildly reduced fxn), and AS s/p TAVR now w/ severe prosthetic valve stenosis. ESRD on HD, however he is now progressively volume overloaded because he has been getting hypotensive during attempts at ultrafiltration... Challenging case
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(Elsevier) Fatherhood status has been linked to medical providers' weight-related practices or counseling referrals. A new study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, published by Elsevier, found that overweight and obese men who are fathers were more likely than men without children to be referred for nutrition or exercise counseling.
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Fight Aging! publishes news and commentary relevant to the goal of ending all age-related disease, to be achieved by bringing the mechanisms of aging under the control of modern medicine. This weekly newsletter is sent to thousands of interested subscribers. To subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter, please visit: https://www.fightaging.org/newsletter/ Longevity Industry Consulting Services Reason, the founder of Fight Aging! and Repair Biotechnologies, offers strategic consulting services to investors, entrepreneurs, and others interested in the longevity industry and its complexities. To find out m...
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Conclusions: In this study, metabolically healthy obese individuals and metabolically abnormal obese individuals exhibited increased risks of occurrence of colorectal adenoma diagnosed by surveillance colonoscopy. This finding implies that obesity itself, even without metabolic abnormalities, is associated with an increased risk of adenoma recurrence. PMID: 32616681 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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This article presents a critical overview of the pathological and clinical concepts regarding CPs that should be considered when planning treatment. Thus, we have performed a comprehensive review of detailed CP reports published between 1839 and 2020. EXPERT OPINION: CP surgery should pursue maximal tumor resection while minimizing the risk of injuring the hypothalamus. Therefore, surgical strategies should be individualized for each patient. Accurate assessment of presenting symptoms and preoperative MRI has proven useful to predict the type of CP-hypothalamus relationship that will be found during surgery. CPs with d...
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Objective:Obesity has been linked to cardiovascular risk factors characterized by endothelial dysfunction and arterial wall thickening. Regular exercise training is recognized as a powerful tool to improve endothelial function and cardiovascular risk profile, but it is unknown which of high ‑intensity interval training or moderate‑intensity continuous training is the best exercise.Materials and Methods:A total of 33 inactive and overweight women aged 40 –50 years old and body mass index>27 kg/m2were randomized to high ‑intensity interval training, moderate‑intensity continuous training, or control. The exe...
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Contributors : Roh Hyun ; Rosen EvanSeries Type : Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing ; Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencingOrganism : Mus musculusObesity due to overnutrition causes adipose tissue dysfunction, serving as a critical pathological step on the road to Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and other metabolic disorders. Here, we performed an unbiased investigation into the fundamental molecular mechanisms by which adipocytes transition to an unhealthy state during obesity. We fed NuTRAP (Nuclear tagging and Translating Ribosome Affinity Purification) mice crossed with Adipoq-Cre with...
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Obesity is a known risk factor for increased morbidity and mortality in the general population [1-4]. Moreover, both overweight and obese patients are more likely to have chronic health conditions including diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, asthma, arthritis, and overall poor health status [3]. These comorbidities are classically associated with increased morbidity and mortality. As weight increases past a normal BMI, there is an associated higher risk of death [4]. Despite this, there has been recent evidence to suggest that obese patients may actually have a survival advantage and improved outcomes after s...
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The reported mortality associated with jejuno-jejunostomy leak after gastric bypass surgery has been much higher than that stated in this manuscript. [1,2] I congratulate the authors and also commend the participating surgical teams for this low mortality rate. This manuscript represents a clear description of how early diagnosis and treatment are key factors for improving outcomes for this uncommon, serious complication compared to that reported in prior work, [2,3] Conventional wisdom presents us with the scientific dilemma between “doing the what we have always done” vs.
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A 53-year-old male with history of colon cancer status post neoadjuvant chemotherapy, radiation and colectomy, hyperlipidemia, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, obesity, hernia repair, and asthma presented to the urology clinic complaining of left inguinal swelling. Upon presentation, vital signs were unremarkable, but physical exam revealed a firm, palpable, nontender abnormality of the left inguinal region. Subsequent CT scan with IV contrast revealed a large presacral fluid collection (7.0  × 2.4 cm) and complex cystic structure arising from the left tunica albuginea (3.8 × 3.0 cm) adjacent to...
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