Propofol suppresses the progression of non ‑small cell lung cancer via downregulation of the miR‑21‑5p/MAPK10 axis.

Propofol suppresses the progression of non‑small cell lung cancer via downregulation of the miR‑21‑5p/MAPK10 axis. Oncol Rep. 2020 May 21;: Authors: Wu X, Li X, Xu G Abstract Non‑small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) accounts for>80% of lung cancer cases and is the leading cause of cancer‑associated mortality worldwide. Propofol is an anesthetic drug frequently used during tumor resection. It is also known to exert inhibitory effects on cancer. Although the role of propofol in NSCLC has been reported, its underlying mechanisms remain unknown. The present study aimed therefore to investigate the mechanisms of propofol action on NSCLC. Starbase V3.0 project was used to analyze the expression levels of microRNA‑21‑5p (miR‑21‑5p) and mitogen‑activated protein kinase 10 (MAPK10) in NSCLC and adjacent normal tissues from patients with NSCLC and the association between miR‑21‑5p and MAPK10 expression level in NSCLC tissues. The correlation between MAPK10 expression and disease‑free survival (DFS) in patients with NSCLC was analyzed using GEPIA software version 1.0. miR‑21‑5p and MAPK10 expression in tumor and adjacent normal tissues from patients with NSCLC was evaluated by reverse transcription‑quantitative (RT‑q) PCR and western blotting. Cell viability and apoptosis were assessed by using Cell Counting Kit‑8 assay and flow cytometry, respectively. The interaction between miR‑21‑5p and MAPK10 was predicted by TargetScan...
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Conclusions: We designed and synthesized a F-18 labeling crizotinib derivative, [18F]FPC, which was targeted ALK-positive NSCLC tumor. [18F]FPC had a potential to act as a PET imaging probe to discriminate ALK-positive tumor in NSCLC and evaluate of ALK-TK expression in it.
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Conclusion: Postoperative immunological change was lesser in non-intubated patients compared with intubated patients during lung cancer resection surgery.
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Conclusions: Postoperative NLR and NLR were significantly lower in non-intubated patients compared to intubated patients during lung resection surgery.
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ConclusionsNonintubated thoracoscopic surgery is a safe and feasible minimally invasive alternative surgery for early non-small cell lung cancer. Faster recovery and less short-term complication are potential benefits of this approach.
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This case report qualified for local institutional review board waiver of review. Bronchopleural fistula (BPF) is a known but rare complication of thermal ablation of the lungs, and, currently, literature on causative factors and treatment is limited to case reports. A 40-year-old man with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (mixed neuroendocrine and adenomatous features) had a solitary 3.0-cm right upper lobe lung mass (Fig 1a) that was growing despite chemotherapy and radiation. Microwave ablation was performed under general anesthesia and computed tomography (CT) fluoroscopy guidance using a single 13-gauge antenna (E...
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In conclusion, the hair cycle of Angora rabbits is characterized by an anagen phase between days 0 and 110, a catagen phase between days 120 and 130, and a telogen phase between days 140 and 150. FIGURE 1 Figure 1. Hair follicle synchronization model in Angora rabbits. (A) Measurement of length of the hair coat after shaving the dorsal area of Angora rabbits. (B) HE staining of sequential skin samples after shaving the dorsal area of rabbits. The anagen, catagen, telogen, and subsequent anagen stages were determined based on the histomorphology of hair follicles. Differentially Expressed lncRNAs, mRNAs, mi...
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In this study, we further examined this process in vivo by using heterozygous PARG knockout mice (PARG+/−). Wild-type and PARG+/− mice were individually treated with 0 or 10 μg/m3 BaP for 90 or 180 days by dynamic inhalation exposure. Pathological analysis of lung tissues showed that, with extended exposure time, carcinogenesis and injury in the lungs of WT mice was progressively worse; however, the injury was minimal and carcinogenesis was not detected in the lungs of PARG+/− mice. These results indicate that PARG gene silencing protects mice against lung cancer induced by BaP inhalation exposure. Fur...
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Mark E. Gray1,2*, James Meehan2,3, Paul Sullivan4, Jamie R. K. Marland4, Stephen N. Greenhalgh1, Rachael Gregson1, Richard Eddie Clutton1, Carol Ward2, Chris Cousens5, David J. Griffiths5, Alan Murray4 and David Argyle1 1The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 2Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre and Division of Pathology Laboratories, Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 3School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems, Heriot-Watt Univer...
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In this study, the lung adenocarcinoma patients and granuloma patients were treated as positive samples and negative samples, respectively. We used weighted accuracy to evaluate the RIPPER prediction performance, i.e., the average of the accuracies of positive samples and negative samples. Results The Discriminative MicroRNAs Between Lung Adenocarcinoma and Granuloma Patients in Whole Plasma, EV, and EV-Free Plasma The miRNA expression profiles of lung adenocarcinoma and granuloma patients in whole plasma, EV and EV-free plasma were analyzed separately. In whole plasma, the top 10 discriminative miRNAs were hsa-miR-223-...
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This study hypothesized that similar VOCs might be detected after HBOT. Methods: Ten healthy volunteers of the Royal Netherlands Navy underwent six HBOT sessions (95 min at 253 kPa, including three 5-min “air breaks”), i.e., on five consecutive days followed by another session after 2 days of rest. At 30 min before the dive, and at 30 min, 2 and 4 h post-dive, exhaled breath was collected and followed by PFT. Exhaled breath samples were analyzed using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). After univariate tests and correlation of retention times, ion fragments could be identified using a reference data...
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