Your Most Vulnerable Organ

Your lungs are your most vulnerable organ. I’m not just talking about the effects of the flu or coronavirus. Your lungs are your number one predictor of death. That’s how sensitive they are… But some people are doing better than others. In my clinic, we give elders the strength and power in their lungs they remember from their youth. I’m happy to tell you that you can restore lung power as you get older, so you can stand up to COVID-19 without fear or concern. We have a 3-part system for finding out how old your lungs really are… and how much immune power you have to fight off infection. Today, I’ll show you part one. You’ll discover the critical nutrient that keeps your lung immunity in top condition. So stay tuned. Your next two Doctor’s House Calls will give you a complete picture of the protocol I use with my patients. The Best Predictor of Your Health and Longevity Lung power is the number one predictor of how long you’ll live. How well you breathe determines how long you’ll stay active and healthy. It also determines how vulnerable you are to dangerous respiratory infections — and how quickly you’ll recover if you pick up one of these nasty bugs. In fact, the Buffalo Health Study — an ongoing research project involving 12,000 people in western New York State — found that the stronger your lungs are, the less likely you’ll die of any cause.1 Influenza-related pneumoni...
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