Coronavirus outbreak indemnity FAQs, NHS Resolution

The updated FAQs published by NHS Resolution on the coronavirus outbreak indemnity includes information which is relevant to community pharmacists, including those returning to the profession to help with the response to the coronavirus pandemic.
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This article discusses guidelines specifically for anesthesiologists dealing with ophthalmic surgeries with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients. Anesthesiologists always work in the proximity of the patient's face while performing either ocular regional anesthesia or while managing the airway in the process of intubation/extubation. Within these guidelines, the emphasis is provided on thorough preoperative screening to identify COVID-19 patients and to prevent the exposure of healthcare staff by following standard personal protective equipment (PPE) precautions.
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Conclusion: This systematic review is aimed at summarizing all COVID-19 cases with a cardiac involvement published in paediatric age and trying to explain the underlying mechanisms responsible for COVID-19-related myocardial damage.What is Known:• Coronaviruses proved to be able to jump from animals to humans.• The outbreak of COVID-19 started from China (Dec 2019) and became pandemic.What is New:• Even in childhood, COVID-19 is not without the risk of cardiac involvement.• Myocarditis, heart failure, and arrhythmias are among the possible manifestations.
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