Sex differences in autoimmune disorders and schizophrenia

A new study suggests that an immune-related protein found in higher levels in men helps protect against certain autoimmune diseases but increases the risk of schizophrenia.
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(Harvard Medical School) Study offers molecular explanation for long-standing observation that certain diseases occur more often or more severely in different sexes. Complement component 4 (C4) genes protect against the autoimmune disorders lupus and Sj ö gren's syndrome while raising risk of severe schizophrenia.
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  Cannabis, weed, marijuana, pot. It goes by several names, but we all know what it smells like. As weed becomes more mainstream, we on the Not Crazy podcast want to know: Is marijuana really an effective treatment for anxiety? Is it just a coping mechanism? Or a vice? In today’s podcast, Gabe and Jackie look at the research and weigh out the evidence. They also interview Eileen Davidson, a rheumatoid arthritis patient who regularly uses marijuana as a medicine to see what she has to say. What’s your take? Tune in for an open-minded discussion about weed. (Transcript Available Below) SUBSCRIBE &REV...
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We report the diagnostic investigation of a case of anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis in a patient with a previous diagnosis of schizophrenia with poor response to antipsychotics. The aim of this case report is to highlight the importance of close surveillance for neuropsychiatric symptoms, especially catatonia, and to recognize autoimmune encephalitis in the differential diagnosis of psychotic disorders with neurological symptoms and resistance or intolerance to antipsychotics. A prompt diagnosis will contribute to a faster onset of therapy and an overall improvement in prognosis. PMI...
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Catatonic syndromes are characterized by pure motor signs (e.g., catalepsy or waxy flexibility), disturbed volition (e.g., negativism), inability to suppress complex motor activities (e.g., echophenomena), and autonomic instability (1,2). They can occur not only in various psychiatric diseases, primarily schizophrenia, but also in depression, autism, intoxication, or autoimmune encephalitides, such as anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis (1,2). Indeed, catatonic symptoms occur in up to 70% of cases of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis (3).
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Schizophrenia is a major mental illness with a disease course that is influenced by lifestyle. The risk-benefit ratio for alternative interventions is more favorable than for antipsychotics in long-term treatment. Dietary interventions may target autoimmune features, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, abnormal lipid metabolism, gluten sensitivity, or others. Examples of interventions involving diet, physical activity, or physical processes or social interventions including talk therapy exist in the literature. Notwithstanding, the general utility of these types of interventions remains inconclusive, awaiting long-term random...
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Samantha Redfield, 30, of Angels Camp, California, was suffering symptoms similar to schizophrenia when she in fact had the potentially deadly autoimmune encephalitis.
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This inquiry into a 1970s experiment that shook the world of psychiatry makes for a compelling readThere are precious few biological tests for mental disorders, so diagnosis still rests on the observation of symptoms. Susannah Cahalan ’s first book,Brain on Fire, described her first-hand experience of how catastrophically wayward such diagnosis can be.Cahalan was working as a reporter at theNew York Post in 2009 when, aged 24, she developed what appeared to be a kind of paranoid schizophrenia. She believed bedbugs were invading her apartment, that her father had tried to abduct and kill his second wife, she heard voi...
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Dana Carpender, friend and author of many low-carb cookbooks, provided this review of my new Revised &Expanded Wheat Belly, below. For more of Dana’s signature wit and conversation, you can join her on her engaging Facebook page “Hold the toast press” or visit her Amazon page that lists all her wonderful low-carb cookbooks. It’s funny how things happen. Nine years ago I had already been eating a low carbohydrate diet for 16 years. During that time I had occasionally eaten low carb tortillas and low carb bread. These things were hardly a staple of my diet, but I kept ’em around for the occ...
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Scientists from 22 institutions, including UCLA, are recommending early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of severe chronic inflammation to reduce the risk of chronic disease and death worldwide.The group of international experts, which also includes scientists from the National Institutes of Health, Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, Columbia University Medical Center and University College London, point to inflammation-related diseases as the cause of 50 percent of all deaths worldwide.Inflammation is a naturally occurring response by the body ’s immune system that helps fight illness and infection. Whe...
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Publication date: Available online 23 November 2019Source: Best Practice &Research Clinical Endocrinology &MetabolismAuthor(s): Leonid P. Churilov, Polina A. Sobolevskaia, Yuri I. StroevThe versatile clinical manifestations of the Hashimoto's chronic autoimmune thyroiditis often include psycho-neurological disorders. Although hypothyroidism disturbs significantly the ontogenesis and functions of central nervous system, causing in severe cases of myxedema profound impairment of cognitive abilities and even psychosis, the behavioral, motor and other psychoneurological disorders accompany euthyroid and slightly hypoth...
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