Behind the Headlines 2013 Quiz of the Year

In 2013, Behind the Headlines has covered more than 500 health stories that made it into the mainstream media. If you've been paying attention you should find this quiz easy and fun. Why not test your knowledge of 2013's health news with our month-by-month quiz? Answers are at the foot of the page (no peeking!).   In January 2013's health news... According to the Daily Mail, spiritual people were said to be more likely to be? A) Happy B) Obese C) Mentally ill The Daily Mail also said that Vietnamese mums can teach their baby’s potty training by doing what? A) Withholding food B) Sign language C) Whistling   In February 2013's health news... What, according to the Daily Express, was said to boost brain power? A) Playing Sudoku B) Chewing gum C) Tai Chi What did Canadian researchers do to a group of kittens? A) Kept them in a pitch black room for 10 days B) Fed them ketamine and then got them to navigate a maze C) Made them listen to Swedish death metal music   In March 2013's health news... What was said to be at its lowest quality during the summer months, according to Israeli research? A) Sperm B) GP services C) Menopausal women’s memory What did the BBC say might cut the risk of lorry drivers crashing? A) Playing music in the cab B) Carrying out relaxation exercises before every journey C) Caffeine   In April 2013's health news... What n...
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