COVID-19 Is Making America ’s Loneliness Epidemic Even Worse

Driving around her Kearney, Missouri neighborhood is both respite and torture for Kathie Hodgson. She likes seeing other people out and about; it reminds her what life was like before COVID-19. But Hodgson, a 41-year-old teacher who lives alone after a recent divorce, says seeing happy families playing in their yards or walking their dogs can also send her plunging deep into a spiral of loneliness. “You know, as much as I have valued my independence in the past year, it’s finally hitting me that I would like to curl up on the couch with somebody at night,” Hodgson says. The irony, Hodgson says, is she was thrilled to live alone before the coronavirus pandemic hit, enjoying her “me time” and the newfound ability to date and see friends whenever she wanted—not long ago, she lived with her kids (who recently grew up and moved out) and a partner (who she recently divorced). But now that she’s confined to her apartment almost 24 hours a day, she is feeling the emptiness of her home acutely. “Some days I smile and feel okay,” Hodgson says. “And other days I curl up in a ball and wonder if this goes on too much longer, will I be able to take it mentally? Can I last sanely living alone for months—a year?” Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, public-health experts were concerned about an epidemic of loneliness in the U.S. The coronavirus has exacerbated that problem, with most face-to-face socializing for people st...
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Patient´s perspective: psychological burden of the COVID-19 pandemic in 146 psoriatic patients treated with biological drugs and small molecules in real clinical practice. J Dermatolog Treat. 2020 Jul 09;:1-9 Authors: Rodríguez-Villa Lario A, Vega-Díez D, González-Cañete M, Polo-Rodríguez I, Piteiro-Bermejo AB, Herrero-Fernández M, Arévalo-Serrano J, Trasobares-Marugán L, Medina-Montalvo S PMID: 32643475 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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This story is available as part of a content partnership with WFAA-TV. For more local news, visit Gov. Greg Abbott said that if recent closures and face mask requirements don't lead to better results in the state's fight in the coronavirus pandemic "additional action will be required." In an interview Friday afternoon with WFAA, Abbott said those measures, such as closing bars and other enfor cement, should lead to positive results. "If instead, we see the further explosion in the number…
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CONCLUSIONS: A reduction in ERCP referrals raises concern that a cohort of patients with significant biliary disease remain undetected. Whether this results in later, and more severe, presentation remains to be seen but a potential surge in such cases could significantly burden all future endoscopy planning services. PMID: 32643467 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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San Quentin prison in US hasseven deaths and 1,500 positive tests; Serbia has record 18 fatalities; Australiacaps incoming flights and charges for quarantine8.22amBSTGood evening, good afternoon, good morning.This isDamien Gayle in London taking you through the next few hours of coronavirus-related updates and headlines from around the world.8.14amBSTI will be handing the blog over to my colleagues in the UK now. Thank you for following us here in Sydney and Melbourne today. Here is a wrap of the day so far:Continue reading...
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Following lockdowns in countries around the world, reports emerged of a 'surge' or 'spikes' in the number of domestic violence and abuse cases. It is critical to contextualise this: more men are not starting to be abusive or violent; rather, the patterns o...
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BACKGROUND: There is a lack of data from low- and middle-income countries on whether anxiety independently predicts a more chronic course for depression. Methods: We undertook secondary data analysis of a cluster randomised controlled trial in Zimbabwe...
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This study examined the relationship between different aspects of physical ill-health and the risk of sui...
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OBJECTIVE: The primary goal was to analyze the level and trend of the burden of suicide mortality in Mexico between 1990 and 2017 at a national and state scale. METHODS: A secondary analysis based on the 2017 global burden of disease study. Mortality r...
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