When Can A Child Return to Learning?

Discussion Head injury whether because of athletics or other trauma is a common problem in pediatrics. Fortunately most are benign because they are low impact that may not even result in edema or bruising. However, others cause concussion or traumatic brain injuries. There are an estimated 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries in the US yearly. Concussion can be very difficult to diagnose because there may not be external signs and the symptoms are highly subjective. For example, difficulties with concentration and thought processing speed are concepts that can be difficult for patients to understand, can be variable, and highly individualized. It can be even more difficult with younger children who really may not understand what a provider or parent is trying to ask them. There are symptoms scales available that can help with initial diagnosis and monitoring that were developed for concussion after athletic injury. These are the SCAT 3 for patients 13 years and older and the Child SCAT 3 for patients 5-12 years. The American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Report also has symptom checklists available. The school setting itself can provide challenges to student after a concussion. Schools are often noisy, visually stimulating, and require differentiated attention and behavioral standards which may be difficult for a concussed student to manage without adjustments being made. Fortunately most students with concussions recover within 1-3 weeks and adjustments in the classroom a...
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This study included 50 PsA patients and 50 healthy controls with mean ages of 45.02 (SD 12.81) and 45.12 (SD 10.56), respectively. Demographic data of both groups were similar. Concerning the b alance tests, there were significant differences (p 
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The objective of the study was to compare the effects of shockwave therapy and laser therapy on pain, neck functionality, and quality of life in patients with myofascial pain syndrome of the trapezius. 61 patients (>  18 years) were randomly allocated to two treatment groups: (1) 31 patients received soft laser therapy once daily in a 3-week period for a total of 15 sessions, (2) 30 patients received shockwave therapy once in a week for 3 weeks, totalling 3 treatments. Resting pain and pain tolerance were as sessed by a 100 mm visual analogue scale; functional status and quality of life were measur...
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In conclusion, among various factors, the combination of two psychosocial factors was particularly associated with chronic disabling LBP. PMID: 30344231 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Perrin SL, Dorrian J, Gupta C, Centofanti S, Coates A, Marx L, Beyne K, Banks S Abstract Flight attendants experience circadian misalignment and disrupted sleep and eating patterns. This survey study examined working time, sleep, and eating frequency in a sample (n=21, 4 males, 17 females) of Australian flight attendants (mean age=41.8 y, SD=12.0 y, mean BMI=23.8 kg/m2, SD=4.1 kg/m2). Respondents indicated frequencies of snack, meal, and caffeine consumption during their last shift. Reported sleep duration on workdays (mean=4.6 h, SD=1.9 h) was significantly lower than on days off (M=7.2 h, SD=1.2 h, p
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