COVID-19 Breast Cancer Patient Triage Guidelines (CPBCC)

Guidelines on surgical triage of patients with breast cancer by the COVID 19 Pandemic Breast Cancer Consortium
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As the death tolls rise to the coronavirus pandemic, those of us who specialize in oncology are bracing for another wave of victims: People not yet diagnosed with cancer.
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Exercise appears to play a protective role for women whose breast cancers are...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: Women want breast cancer risk info from radiologists Screening reduces risk of breast cancer death by 41% Who gets breast cancer treatment during a pandemic? Many women at risk for breast cancer don't take action 4 ways breast imaging has changed during COVID-19
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Condition:   HER2-positive Breast Cancer Intervention:   Drug: Fixed-Dose Combination of Pertuzumab and Trastuzumab for Subcutaneous Administration (PH FDC SC) Sponsor:   Genentech, Inc. Available
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Among the many remarkable things that have happened since the COVID-19 pandemic began is that a lot of our usual medical care has simply stopped. According to a recent study, routine testing for cervical cancer, cholesterol, and blood sugar is down nearly 70% across the country. Elective surgeries, routine physical examinations, and other screening tests have been canceled or rescheduled so that people can stay at home, avoid being around others who might be sick, and avoid unknowingly spreading the virus. Many clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ offices have been closed for weeks except for emergencies. Even if these f...
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This study provides direct evidence for the contribution of gut microbiota to the cognitive decline during normal aging and suggests that restoring microbiota homeostasis in the elderly may improve cognitive function. On Nutraceutical Senolytics Nutraceuticals are compounds derived from foods, usually plants. In principle one can find useful therapies in the natural world, taking the approach of identifying interesting molecules and refining them to a greater potency than naturally occurs in order to produce a usefully large therape...
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Abstract Northern Italy has been one of the European regions reporting the highest number of Covid-19 cases and deaths. The pandemic spread has challenged the National Health System (NHS), requiring re-allocation of most of the available healthcare resources to treat Covid-19 positive patients, generating a competition with other healthcare needs, including cancer. Cancer patients are at higher risk of developing critical illness after Covid-19 infection. Thus, mitigation strategies should be adopted to reduce the likelihood of infection in all cancer patients. At the same time, suboptimal care and treatments may ...
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Suppose you’re the sole witness of a trolley that has gone out of control, hurtling towards 5 people tied to its track, with no way to stop it in time. Good news: there’s a lever you can pull to alter its direction. Bad news: the other track isn’t safe either as it has one person tied to it. What will you do in this situation? Let the trolley continue on its initial course and kill those 5 people on the way or pull the lever to save them at the expense of that other person’s life? Source: This ethical thought experiment, known as the Trolley Problem, was put forth by...
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A survey of over 1,200 healthcare providers in the U.S. has found growing levels...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: Pandemic paralysis: COVID-19 has major impact on imaging Who gets breast cancer treatment during a pandemic? Small acts of self-care can manage COVID-19 stress Report: Stress takes toll on young medical professionals
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The Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) released reopening recommendations on May...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: Who gets breast cancer treatment during a pandemic? SBI releases coronavirus social distancing tips SBI cancels April symposium due to coronavirus Breast imagers cite high rates of burnout Radiologists mixed about synthesized 2D mammography
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Authors: Martí C, Sánchez-Méndez JI Abstract The epidemiological emergency caused by CoV-2 (COVID-19) has changed priorities in breast cancer management. In those places where the pandemic has had the greatest effect, it is of paramount importance for most patients to be at home, reducing or postponing their attendance at clinics, as well as avoiding surgeries. In this scenario, neoadjuvant endocrine treatment could be an appropriate alternative treatment for hormone receptor positive breast cancer (luminal-like tumours) in order to minimise hospital admissions and to delay elective surgeries. ...
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