Emotional Eating

As we approach the last month of the year, it's important to be ready and prepared for the holidays. I'm not talking just shopping and parties.... I mean mentally and physically. The holidays can bring out the best and the worst in all of us. Our eating plays a big part in how we handle everything."Sometimes, it isn't hunger that causes us to reach for our favorite foods. Moods and emotions can also impact our relationship with food and they can interfere with our ability to stick with a healthy eating plan. Emotional eating can be triggered by stress, depression, loneliness, overwhelming job and family pressures, or by a traumatic life event. Even happiness can set it off. People who are susceptible to emotional eating may regard food as a distraction, look to it for comfort, or over-enjoy it when they have something to celebrate. "- Editor of the South Beach Diet.If emotional eating is getting in the way of achieving your weight-loss goals, the good news is that you can change this pattern of behavior by putting a healthy plan in place.- Remove temptations from your kitchen- Keep a journal- Distract yourself- Have healthy snacks at the read- Relieve stress and improve your mood with exercisePrevent your emotions from getting in the way of your weight-loss goals especially over the holidays. Good Luck!!!!
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