Mode of delivery and pain during intercourse in the postpartum period: Findings from a developing country

Conclusions Cesarean births may increase the chances of reporting of pain during intercourse postpartum among primiparous women. Given that the increasing cesarean section rates worldwide are perceived to be protective of women's sexual health, prenatal and postpartum care need to address women's sexual health problems.
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AbstractObjectivesFew studies have investigated the prophylactic efficacy of dexmedetomidine (DEX) in postpartum depressive symptoms (PDS). A randomized, double ‐blind, placebo‐controlled trial was conducted to investigate whether the administration of DEX, immediately after delivery and for patient controlled intravenous analgesia (PCIA), can attenuate PDS.MethodsSix hundred parturients scheduled for elective caesarean delivery under spinal anesthesia were randomly allocated into the Control group (infusion with 0.9%normal saline after delivery and PCIA with sufentanil) and the DEX group (DEX infusion‐1 aft...
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Conclusion: Postoperative cumulative morphine consumption and pain scores are comparable when bupivacaine is infused continuously through wound infiltration catheter either in the preperitoneal or subcutaneous layer following Caesarean delivery.
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SUMMARY An isthmocele, a cesarean scar defect or uterine niche, is any indentation representing myometrial discontinuity or a triangular anechoic defect in the anterior uterine wall, with the base communicating to the uterine cavity, at the site of a previous cesarean section scar. It can be classified as a small or large defect, depending on the wall thickness of the myometrial deficiency. Although usually asymptomatic, its primary symptom is abnormal or postmenstrual bleeding, and chronic pelvic pain may also occur. Infertility, placenta accrete or praevia, scar dehiscence, uterine rupture, and cesarean scar ectopic preg...
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Rationale: The placenta membranacea (PM) is a rare type of placental abnormality, which is associated with placenta previa, antepartum hemorrhage (APH), postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), chorioamnionitis, fetal growth restriction (FGR), preterm birth even stillbirth. The purpose of this case report is to summarize the characteristics and analyze the relevant factors of PM. Patients concerns: Repetitive B-ultrasound of the first patient demonstrated a thin placenta covering the most part of uterine wall, which completely covers the internal cervical ostium for 22 weeks. B-ultrasound of the second patient showed placenta par...
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Purpose of review Low-dose combined spinal epidural (CSE) anesthesia is a common technique to anesthetize women for cesarean section. It is used to reduce the incidence of hypotension while providing excellent anesthetic conditions. Recent findings Low spinal doses produce effective anesthesia but of limited duration. Therefore, an epidural catheter (and thus CSE) is required to guarantee pain-free surgery. Recent work confirmed that lower spinal doses can reduce significantly hypotension. Summary Low-dose CSE is a valuable strategy to anesthetize pregnant women for cesarean section but requires attention and training.
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Conclusions: In vivo exposure to remifentanil exerts a beneficial effect against excitotoxicity on the developing mouse brain, which is associated with a reduction in the size of ibotenate-induced brain lesion as well as prevention of some behavioral deficits in young mice. The long-term effect of neonatal exposure to remifentanil should be investigated. Introduction The potential neurotoxicity of anesthetics in the perinatal period prompted the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to release a drug safety communication warning in 2016 that stated, “repeated or lengthy use of general anesthetics or sedation ...
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ConclusionsA suspicious attitude towards cancer-related symptoms during pregnancy is crucial to prevent delayed evaluation for CRC.
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Conclusion: Quadratus lumborum block and intrathecal morphine are effective analgesic regimens after cesarean section. However, quadratus lumborum block provides better long lasting analgesia together with reduction of total postoperative morphine consumption. PMID: 30852882 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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CONCLUSIONS: Uterine torsion may present with non-specific symptoms or be asymptomatic. Urgent laparotomy and rotation of the uterus into its normal anatomical position gives chance for normal course of pregnancy. Subsequent close outpatient care is obligatory to asses viability of the fetus and early detection of possible pregnancy complications. PMID: 30796791 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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by Craig Klugman, Ph.D. Jump to The Resident (Season 1; Episode 11): Listening to patients; Jump to The Good Doctor (Season 2: Episode 12): Paying the Piper; Jump to New Amsterdam (Season 1; Episode 12): Impaired Colleagues, Robin Hood docs;Jump to Chicago Med (Season 4; Episode 12): Maternal/Fetal Conflict and Giving Bad News The Resident (Season 1; Episode 11): Listening to patients Marisol, a woman in her early 30s, comes to the ED complaining of abdominal pain, with a history of an ectopic pregnancy (lost her right ovary) and a stillbirth after a C-section.…
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