CD26/DPP4 Inhibitor: A Novel Prophylactic Drug for Chronic Allograft Dysfunction after Clinical Lung Transplantation

This study aims to elucidate the efficacy of DPP4i in clinical LTx, and to search for a new biomarker for CLAD or overall survival (OS).
Source: The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation - Category: Transplant Surgery Authors: Tags: (141) Source Type: research

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Authors: Cui Y, Li Y, Ning J, Mi Y, Wang X, Qiu Z, Li L, Gou X Abstract Mechanical allodynia, which develops in patients of diabetes mellitus as a neuropathic manifestation, remains without an effective treatment. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects and potential mechanisms underlying resveratrol (RES) in a rat model of streptozocin (STZ)‑induced diabetic mechanical allodynia (DMA). The rat model of DMA was established by the administration of an intraperitoneal injection of STZ. From day 8 post‑STZ injection, rats were administered with an intragastric injection of various doses of RES ...
Source: Molecular Medicine Reports - Category: Molecular Biology Tags: Mol Med Rep Source Type: research
Diabetic‑induced alterations in hepatic glucose and lipid metabolism: The role of type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus (Review). Mol Med Rep. 2020 May 22;: Authors: Jiang S, Young JL, Wang K, Qian Y, Cai L Abstract Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a growing health concern in society. Type 1 and type 2 DM are the two main types of diabetes; both types are chronic diseases that affect glucose metabolism in the body and the impaired regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism promotes the development and progression of DM. During the physiological metabolism process, the liver serves a unique role in glucose and...
Source: Molecular Medicine Reports - Category: Molecular Biology Tags: Mol Med Rep Source Type: research
CONCLUSION: T2DM patients have cognitive deficits on several domains compared to healthy participants. Domain specific neuropsychological deficits in middle aged T2DM patients have a significant impact on HRQOL. PMID: 32468306 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: Better staff training focused on care bundles preventing infections, better medical training focused on less efforts for CVC insertion, and the use of Ultrasounds during the CVC insertion may be the main factors that can lead to lower CLABSI rates in obese patients. Further research relating CLABSI rates in ICU patients and obesity is needed. PMID: 32468303 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research
Abstract Alzheimer's disease (AD) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) represent two major health burdens with steadily increasing prevalence and accumulating evidence indicates a close relationship between the two disorders. In view of their similar pathogenesis, the potential of T2DM drugs for the treatment of AD has attracted considerable attention in recent years, with inspiring outcomes. Here, we provide a comprehensive overview of the effects of a total of 14 individual drugs (among which are seven T2DM drug types) against AD. Further, we discuss the potential action mechanisms of these T2DM drugs against AD....
Source: Trends in Molecular Medicine - Category: Molecular Biology Authors: Tags: Trends Mol Med Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: A negative correlation was identified between health literacy and depression. Self-rated health status, economic satisfaction, employment status, and higher education level are factors that also affect depressive tendency among diabetic women.
Source: Clinics - Category: General Medicine Source Type: research
This study was aimed to investigate the impact of CKD, DM, or both diseases on the risk of CRC and to evaluate sex differences therein. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Using data from the National Health Insurance Service-Health Examination Cohort in Korea, we conducted a 1:2 matched case-control study. The disease groups consisted of CKD-/DM+ (n=17700), CKD+/DM- (n=22643), and CKD+/DM+ groups (n=8506). After 1:2 matching by age, sex, and health examination year and month, the healthy control group consisted of 97698 individuals. RESULTS: Multivariate Cox regression analysis showed that the CKD-/DM+, CKD+/DM-, and CKD+/DM...
Source: Yonsei Medical Journal - Category: Universities & Medical Training Authors: Tags: Yonsei Med J Source Type: research
Abstract Background: Although sleeve gastrectomy results in good weight loss and metabolic improvements, it is an irreversible procedure. Therefore, we attempted to assess the possibility of creating a sleeved stomach without resection. Material and Methods. A total of 22 male Sprague-Dawley rats with type 2 diabetes were randomly assigned into 3 different groups: (1) sleeve gastroplasty with gastric remnant-jejunal anastomosis (SGP, n = 8); (2) sleeve gastrectomy (SG, n = 8); and (3) SHAM (n = 6). Body weight, food intake, fasting blood glucose (FBG), hormonal analysis, and oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) were...
Source: Biomed Res - Category: Research Authors: Tags: Biomed Res Int Source Type: research
Abstract The purpose of the study was to identify patient characteristics related to blood loss following high tibial osteotomy (HTO). We evaluated 48 patients undergoing HTO from August 2018 to August 2019. The data of 48 patients were collected, including gender, age, height, weight, body mass index (BMI), smoking, alcohol consumption, hypertension, diabetes, history of aspirin, and pre-postoperative hematocrit (Hct). Multiple linear regression analysis was used to analyze the risk factors related to blood loss in HTO. The mean age of patients was 56.6 ± 10.2 years, including 22 males and 26 females. The ...
Source: Biomed Res - Category: Research Authors: Tags: Biomed Res Int Source Type: research
Authors: Pan H, Su Y, Xie Y, Wang W, Qiu W, Chen W, Lu W, Lu Z, Wang W, Shang A Abstract In the present study, a novel single domain antibody (sdAb) fusion protein, named everestmab, composing of a mutated GLP-1(A8G) fused to the tandem bispecific humanized GLP-1R-targeting and albumin-binding nanobodies was designed and characterized for the therapies for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) measurements demonstrated everestmab associates with serum albumins of rat and monkey species with high affinity, and tends to be cross-reactive with rat and monkey species. In vitro GLP-1R binding ...
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