AI Outperforms Radiologists in Detecting Fractures in Patients At-Risk for Osteoporosis

XRAIT tool finds more broken bones than X-Rays or CT scans of this population.
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Conclusion: Cast might have the highest probability of the most optimal choice for tibia shaft fracture in close cases, while reamed intramedullary nailing ranked second. Introduction The tibia is a large bone in the lower extremity other than the fibula. A tibia shaft fracture is the most common type of long bone fractures. According to vast clinical data, the causation of diaphyseal fractures of the tibia is usually grouped into two types, bending load and torsion (Johner and Wruhs, 1983). Bending load, led by direct impact injuries, generally of high-velocity trauma, like a car accident, is an increasing fracture ...
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Authors: Ghermandi R, Pipola V, Colangeli S, Parchi P, Andreani L, Capanna R, Gasbarrini A Abstract The use of pedicle screws in low bone quality patients implicates risks of secondary implant loosening for grip lack. In fact, the result is a reduced mechanical stability at bone-screw interface and consequently an increased chance of pullout and hardware failure. Augmentation techniques have been described for many years and fenestrated screws that allow cement injection is one of them. This is a retrospective observational study of patients treated at our department with polymethylmethacrylate- (PMMA) augmented fe...
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If self-care steps for back pain such as gentle activity, local heat, or massage don’t ease discomfort within a few weeks to a month, or if you struggle with chronic low back pain, a physiatrist can help you navigate the dizzying number of treatment options. These range from conservative therapies (such as medicines, physical therapy, and chiropractic care) to more invasive options (such as spine injections and spinal surgery). What is a physiatrist? Physiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. We focus on holistic, nonsurgical care aimed at improving function for people wh...
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ConclusionThis study showed an overall 16.3% radiological PCE and 1.4% symptomatic PCE incidence when CAFPS were used due to severe osteoporosis. The symptomatic PCE risk was significant when CAFPS were  >  7 levels; >  14 fenestrated screws; and >  20–25 cc cement volume is used and this may cause PAP increase and right ventricular dilatation.Graphical Abstract
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Conclusions Osteoporosis of the proximal humerus was identified in 72% of patients during a two year period; most of these patients were elderly females sustaining low energy trauma. These fractures showed to have specific radiographic patterns, as comminution of metaphysis and tuberosities, impaction of fragments, and inferior subluxation of the humeral head. These patterns can be assessed with the simple observation of a 2-plan view of a radiograph, without the use of specific software. Level of evidence Level III, observational study.
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Conclusions: Patients with multilevel spinal stenosis and degenerative spondylolisthesis may require decompressive lumbar laminectomies alone or in combination with noninstrumented or instrumented fusions. PMID: 29119044 [PubMed]
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The US health care system is plagued by the use of services that provide little clinical benefit. Estimates of expenditures on overuse of medical services range from 10–30 percent of total health care spending. These estimates are typically based on analyses of the geographic variation in patterns of care. For example, researchers at the Dartmouth Institute focused on differences in care use between high-spending and low-spending regions with no corresponding reductions in quality or outcomes. An analysis by the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (formerly known as the New England Healthcare Institute) ident...
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Conclusions Bisphosphonate therapy as an adjunct to scaling and root planing may have significant beneficial clinical effects on the periodontium of postmenopausal women with moderate to severe chronic periodontitis.
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Conclusions Bisphosphonate therapy as an adjunct to scaling and root planing may have significant beneficial clinical effects on the periodontium of postmenopausal women with moderate to severe chronic periodontitis.
Source: Osteoporosis International - Category: Orthopaedics Source Type: research
A Boston University mechanical engineering professor is attempting to improve spinal fractures predictions using an unusual set of tools – the same used for analyzing stress and strain on bridges and buildings. Spine fractures affect approximately 20% of men over 50 and 40% of women over 80, according to a report from Boston University. Despite the high rate of occurrence, spine fractures are difficult to predict and get less attention than hip fractures, despite being far more common. Currently, spine fracture risk is assessed through bone density scans which measure how much bone a patient has and how dense it...
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