Robert Murphy on Market Monetarism

George SelginInthe latest installment in his series, " Understanding Money Mechanics, " Bob Murphy takes on Market Monetarism, andScott Sumner's case for having central banks practice NGDP level targeting in particular. A commentator there writes, " I hope George S. pipes up to defend MM! Seeing the other side can helps [sic] me to understand the theory better. "Far be it from me to refuse such a request!Murphy devotes much of his post to distinguishing Market Monetarism from both old-time Monetarism and Austrian monetary economics. Much of what I have to say also concerns those distinctions. I hope to persuade readers that Market Monetarism is more consistent with both old-fashioned Monetarism and Austrian economics than Murphy allows, and that, to the extent that it differs from versions of either, it does so in ways that improve upon them.Velocity: The Elephant in the RoomMurphy's essay begins with a generally accurate summary of the many points of resemblance between Sumner's Market Monetarism and Monetarism of the old-fashioned Milton Friedman sort, from which Sumner draws much of his inspiration. Among other things Murphy notes, correctly, that both Sumner and Friedman reject the naive view that the level of nominal interest rates is a reliable indicator of the stance of monetary policy, with low rates serving as evidence that money is " easy, " and high ones suggesting that it's " tight. "Murphy's summary falls short, however, wh...
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BACKGROUND: Research suggests that acute alcohol consumption impairs processing of emotional faces. As emotion processing plays a key role in effective social interaction, these impairments may be one mechanism by which alcohol changes social behaviour. Th...
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(Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University) It's called icing sugar spleen, when the usually purplish organ looks like it has been dipped in unhealthy white icing, and the surface is bumpy and thick.
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Neonatal brachial plexus palsy (NBPP) is a birth injury that can cause severe functional loss in the affected limb. The purpose of this study was to determine the temporal changes in the national incidence of this condition and whether associated risk factors have changed over time. Children born via vaginal delivery were identified in the Kids’ Inpatient Database (KID) from 1997 to 2012, and those with NBPP were identified. The trend in incidence and risk factors were assessed through the study period. The nationwide incidence of NBPP decreased during the study period. Infants with shoulder dystocia, fetal macrosomi...
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