Probiotic pickled turnip touted as ‘flu wonder cure’

Conclusion This simple experiment showed that giving a bacterial extract found in Japanese pickled turnip to mice, as a preventative treatment for flu, reduced some of the symptomatic effects of flu upon subsequent infection. Specifically, it lessened body weight loss and reduced declines in general health during a seven-day flu period. While the results are encouraging, it is too soon to roll out the red carpet and welcome a “new wonder cure” as both the headlines in the Daily Express and Mail Online suggest. For instance, mice given the Japanese pickle extract still experienced declines in body weight of approximately 20% by day seven and significant decreases in general health, so they certainly weren’t cured of flu completely. However, the symptoms were significantly milder than mice that didn’t receive the extract. Any new treatment that could potentially help those at higher health risk from severe flu infection, such as the very young, very old, or others with a weakened immune system, would be an important breakthrough. Currently available antiviral medications can only shorten the duration of a flu infection by around a day. However, it is far too early to say that this bacterial extract is the breakthrough the world is waiting for. This was a study in mice, so many further experiments confirming the findings are needed. Following these, and assuming they are successful, further experiments will be needed on humans and again if effective cli...
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In conclusion, infants with Th1 and Th2 profile chemokines demonstrated a good response to vaccination, indicated by CXCL10 levels, but not infants predominantly Th2-skewed profile. These results highlight that children from mothers sensitized to S. mansoni may lead to ineffective immune response to PPD, while mothers sensitized to A. lumbricoides showed no such impairment.
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r Lal Influenza still remains one of the most challenging diseases, posing a significant threat to public health. Host lipid rafts play a critical role in influenza A virus (IAV) assembly and budding, however, their role in polyvalent IAV host binding and endocytosis had remained elusive until now. In the present study, we observed co-localization of IAV with a lipid raft marker ganglioside, GM1, on the host surface. Further, we isolated the lipid raft micro-domains from IAV infected cells and detected IAV protein in the raft fraction. Finally, raft disruption using Methyl-β-Cyclodextrin revealed significant r...
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This study was conducted to assess WTP, its explanatory variables, and the impact of financial compensation on WTP in Indonesia. A health facility-based cross-sectional study was conducted in eleven regencies in the Aceh and West Sumatra provinces of Indonesia. Participants were recruited via a convenience sampling method and were interviewed. The associations between explanatory variables and WTP were assessed using a two-step logistic regression analysis. A total of 1,102 parents were approached, and of these 956 (86.8%) completed the interview and were included in analysis. Of those, 144 (15.1%) were willing to particip...
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ConclusionsHPV prevalence in the oral mucosa of the assessed FA patients was higher than reported in the general population. Additional studies with collection of sequential samples are needed to know the natural history of the presence of multiple HPV types in these individuals and its association with the development of tumors, to evaluate the implementation of preventive measures, such as vaccination, and to guide early treatment.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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ConclusionsWe report a case of a 67-year-old man with hypothalamic hypopituitarism secondary to a suprasellar metastasis from a primary small cell lung cancer, and we review ten cases of hypothalamic hypopituitarism due to metastases, including our patient. Recognizing hypopituitarism can be challenging, especially in the elderly, whose symptoms such as lethargy and visual decline may be mistaken for the natural aging process. In patients with established metastatic conditions, the symptoms may be wrongly attributed to malignancy or to the side effects of therapy. When a patient is suspected of having hypopituitarism, a ho...
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ConclusionsFinancial incentives are useful for engaging Medicaid enrollees in disease prevention programs, but program engagement may not necessarily lead to changing patterns of healthcare utilization and expenditures in the short run.
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Publication date: December 2018Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Volume 55, Issue 6Author(s):
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In this study, we generated VLPs containing hemagglutinin (HA), neuraminidase (NA) or M1 proteins derived from the A/California/04/09. Mice were immunized intramuscularly with HA-M1, NA-M1 or M1 VLPs and protective immunity was evaluated by assessing lung virus loads against low (5LD50) or high (100LD50) lethal dose of homologous virus challenges. High levels of virus-specific serum IgG antibody responses were induced in mice after HA-M1 VLPs immunization, whereas low or no IgG antibody responses were detected from immunization with NA-M1 VLPs or M1 VLPs, independently. Mice that were immunized with HA-M1 VLPs showed below...
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ConclusionPresence of the fosA3 gene on the same common plasmid as blaCTX-M-8 will have to be monitored. This draft genome provides data that will help in tracing the dissemination of this gene and the evolution of its plasmidic support.
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