LIS1 determines cleavage plane positioning by regulating actomyosin-mediated cell membrane contractility

Heterozygous loss of humanPAFAH1B1 (coding for LIS1) results in the disruption of neurogenesis and neuronal migration via dysregulation of microtubule (MT) stability and dynein motor function/localization that alters mitotic spindle orientation, chromosomal segregation, and nuclear migration. Recently, human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) models revealed an important role for LIS1 in controlling the length of terminal cell divisions of outer radial glial (oRG) progenitors, suggesting cellular functions of LIS1 in regulating neural progenitor cell (NPC) daughter cell separation. Here we examined the late mitotic stages NPCsin vivo and mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs)in vitro fromPafah1b1-deficient mutants.Pafah1b1-deficient neocortical NPCs and MEFs similarly exhibited cleavage plane displacement with mislocalization of furrow-associated markers, associated with actomyosin dysfunction and cell membrane hyper-contractility. Thus, it suggests LIS1 acts as a key molecular link connecting MTs/dynein and actomyosin, ensuring that cell membrane contractility is tightly controlled to execute proper daughter cell separation.
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This article summarizes current literature on the epidemiology of VRE in hematology-oncology patients. It examines the associations between infection control practices, prescribing behavior, colonization, and infections due to VRE in patients with acute leukemia and stem cell transplant recipients. It also explores opportunities for antimicrobial stewardship and future research.Recent findingsVRE colonization is associated with VRE infections, but the progression from colonization to infection is not well defined. Colonization pressure may be associated with infection control practices at the patient unit level. Although p...
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Both hair graying and hair loss with age are well researched topics, but there remains considerable uncertainty over which of the possible mechanisms involved are the most relevant, or most useful as targets for therapy. This state of affairs is well illustrated by the feverish interest that attends any possible advance towards reversing male and female pattern baldness. Also the sizable marketplaces devoted to treatments that work poorly, if at all. Today's trial results are interesting, in that I don't recall seeing stem cell factors being used topically before. There is of course a great deal of nonsense and unsc...
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